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The Best Of 2019: Stories That Gave Us Hope This Year

Let’s finish 2019 with hope and be inspired by the extraordinary initiatives started around the world this year.


The Most Powerful Actors In Cultural Change Are Our Kids

Here’s how one woman started an empowerment movement for everyone, especially children, to make a big difference anytime, anywhere.


My Community Is On Fire. To Mark World Children’s Day, I’m Calling On Scott Morrison To Protect Our Kids’ Future.

A call to arms to protect our children from the future we now clearly see before us.


The New Supermarket Brand Closing The Loop On Plastic Waste

All these bottles are made from recycled plastic and are recyclable, creating a closed loop system - so if you know someone who won't stop buying plastic, get them to make it this plastic!


Learn How to Cut Carbon In Your Daily Life With The 1 Million Women App

We want the 1 Million Women app to be our community’s go-to tool. No matter where we all are on our journey to living a low-carbon life, we want the app to be a space for ideas, inspiration and conversation.


The Best Makeup Brands For You, Your Wallet And The Planet!

We’ve put together a list of brands that are kind to your skin and the planet.


My Climate Action Hope Is Returning And It’s Thanks To Young People

Several things happened in rapid succession over a few days leading to the global climate strikes that restored this man’s climate hope.


Why Attending A Climate Strike Can Change Minds (Most Importantly Your Own)

If you’re wondering what you, as an individual, can do to support action against climate change, joining a strike (and asking your friends, family and colleagues to come with you) is a very good start.


5 Reasons Why We All Need To Be At The Global Climate Strikes

Whether you need to hear them, your boss needs to hear them, or your friends need to hear them!