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5 climate-related podcasts you need to check out

These podcasts are great resources to learn more about climate change and action


Declining sea ice in Antarctica and how it affects us all

The extent of sea ice surrounding Antarctica during the summer of 2022/23 was at its lowest level ever but even though we are far away from Antarctica, our actions can still contribute to stopping the ice levels drop further.


How To Find (And Switch To) A Bank That Works Well For The Planet And Your Wallet

In this article we’ll cover off the steps for how to find an ethical bank that suits you.


We all know the Great Barrier Reef is in danger – the UN has just confirmed it. Again.

The latest UN mission has just reported back, finding the reef’s condition is worsening and recommending it be listed as “in danger”. It also offered practical solutions


Australia violated the rights of Torres Strait Islanders by failing to act on climate change, the UN says. Here’s what that means

In a landmark decision, a United Nations committee on Friday found Australia’s former Coalition government violated the human rights of Torres Strait Islanders by failing to adequately respond to the climate crisis.


In a win for Traditional Owners, Origin is walking away from the Beetaloo Basin. But the fight against fracking is not over

Origin’s exit is a major win for the region’s Traditional Owners, many of whom feared the fracking would cause large-scale environmental damage, as well as harming the climate. But Origin has sold its rights to frack Beetaloo – so the fight is far from over.


Why ‘best before’ food labelling is not best for the planet or your budget

UK supermarkets have removed “best before” dates on thousands of fresh food products in an effort to reduce food waste. Apples, bananas, potatoes, cucumbers and broccoli are among the most wasted foods. This could reduce waste by an estimated 50,000 tonnes a year!


What is happening in Pakistan and how we can help?

We were asked on instagram how we can all contribute to aid relief in Pakistan as 1/3 of the country was underwater due to devastating flooding events.


Good news: highway underpasses for wildlife actually work

To find out whether animal underpasses work, we used wildlife cameras to monitor 12 underpasses for more than two years in north-east New South Wales.