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Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy The Latest Iphone

The minerals in our smart phones and the damage they cause


Have We Won The #WarOnWaste?

A rundown on what's improved since the ABC's War On Waste series, and what's up next.


COP23 Outcomes Call For Faster Action And Higher Ambition To Keep Paris On Track

Achala Abeysinghe reports back from COP23 and asks whether the outcomes of this year's UN climate summit will be enough to keep the Paris Agreement on course.


Inside Liddell: Our Visit To A Coal Fired Power Station

We saw first hand what goes into keeping a coal fired power station running, and why time is running out for Liddell.


How Carbon Farming Can Help Solve Climate Change

With the introduction of modern agricultural techniques, including the plow, soil organic matter content has dropped by half in many areas of the world.


6 Winners From The 2017 Climate Solutions Awards

Winners of the Climate Solutions Awards have now been announced. Here are a few of the inspiring solutions.


Period And Leak-Proof Swimwear: Is It Too Good To Be True? We Test It Out.

Leak-proof swimwear are here to save the planet from extra waste caused by our periods, and save us from worrying at the beach. But how do they work?


Is It Too Cheap To Visit The ‘Priceless’ Great Barrier Reef?

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s finest natural wonders. It’s also extraordinarily cheap to visit – perhaps too cheap.


Here’s Why Your Sustainable Tuna Is Also Unsustainable

Tuna is one of the most ubiquitous seafoods. But some species are over-fished and some fishing methods are unsustainable.