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Misogyny, Male Rage And The Words Men Use To Describe Greta Thunberg

Two researchers explain the stereotypical labels deployed by critics to undermine Thunberg’s call to action, which the activist herself has described as “too loud for people to handle”.


Every Activist Is Different: How You Can Use Your Power To Act On The Climate Crisis

We can all use our superpowers to help save the world. Because our world – and our kids – need everyday superheroes like never before.


Learn How to Cut Carbon In Your Daily Life With The 1 Million Women App

We want the 1 Million Women app to be our community’s go-to tool. No matter where we all are on our journey to living a low-carbon life, we want the app to be a space for ideas, inspiration and conversation.


Coal Mines Can Be Closed Without Destroying Livelihoods – Here’s How

Moving away from fossil fuels such as coal is central to achieving emissions targets and it doesn’t have to create huge social unrest.


My Climate Action Hope Is Returning And It’s Thanks To Young People

Several things happened in rapid succession over a few days leading to the global climate strikes that restored this man’s climate hope.


Why Attending A Climate Strike Can Change Minds (Most Importantly Your Own)

If you’re wondering what you, as an individual, can do to support action against climate change, joining a strike (and asking your friends, family and colleagues to come with you) is a very good start.


From Bystander To Standing Up: Journey To Student Striker

Here's how one high school student went from a shy student in the crowd to a school climate strike organiser.


Wildfires Are Burning Worldwide. Here’s What You Can Do To Help.

The fires raging through the Amazon caught global attention while Australia’s fire season started early and aggressively this year. Is this crisis the call to arms we need to act on the climate emergency?


Everyone’s Business: Why Companies Should Let Their Workers Join The Climate Strike

Hundreds of businesses in Australia and overseas are closing their doors on September 20 to support climate strikes.