5 climate-related podcasts you need to check out

If you're an auditory learner like me, podcasts might be your preferred source of information for everything! If you're stuck on which climate-related podcasts to listen to, I've rounded up a few that you might enjoy depending on how you're feeling. Dig in!

1. Yikes Podcast

Listen if: you want nuanced conversations about environmental justice

Yikes is an award-winning podcast hosted by climate activists, Mikaela Loach and Josephine Becker. Mikaela and Josephine are warm and down-to-earth hosts who don't shy away from discussing challenging topics around climate activism, human rights, and environmental justice, all while approaching them with nuance. In 2022, they launched a mini-series called "On The Frontlines", allowing listeners to hear from different voices and communities around the world who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. If you want the intricacies of our climate crisis to be explained to you in an accessible way, Yikes might be your cup of tea.

2. Outrage + Optimism

Listen if: you want solution-based climate news

Hosted by Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac, leaders who oversaw the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, and Paul Dickinson, Founder of the Carbon Disclosure Project, the podcast delves deeper into the media's headlines on climate change and successfully makes them more engaging for the listener. If you're looking to deepen your understanding of the climate crisis and receive advice on how to take action instead of wallowing in a sense of impending doom, give Outrage + Optimism a try!

3. Drilled

Listen if: you want a deep dive into climate crimes

If you're an avid listener of true crime podcasts, this one's for you. Drilled is hosted and produced by climate-focused investigave journalist, Amy Westervelt. In true-crime podcast fashion, it details how corporations and governments utilise the earth for personal interest. To give you a taster of what they do, Drilled exposes the heinous practices of some of the planet's biggest polluters, uncovers propaganda, and investigates companies worldwide for greenwashing. It's gritty, refreshingly original, and informative – Amy's storytelling won't let listeners down.

4. Emergence Magazine Podcast

Listen if: you want to feel inspired by nature

We all need to be reminded of why we're taking action to save our planet. When I feel discouraged, I find myself needing some awe-inspiring stories that remind me of our Earth's beauty and value, once again. The Emergence Magazine podcast connects ecology with culture and spirituality in various formats – feature interviews, fiction, author-narrated essays and more. Every week, listeners get to hear from different people about their roots in nature. You'll discover a new sense of appreciation and wonder for our ecosystem after listening to this one.

5. TED Climate Podcast

Listen if: the climate crisis feels overwhelming

If you find the information about the climate crisis overwhelming, you're not alone! The TED Climate Podcast is great as Host Dan Kwartler discusses systemic issues and the solutions for them in digestible, bite-sized episodes. This podcast is great if you're looking for ways to be a part of the solution instead of falling into despair. Like us, TED Climate is motivated to inform people about the changes they can make to their everyday lives for the planet's greater good.

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