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5 big ideas: how Australia can tackle climate change while restoring nature, culture and communities

we already have solutions based in restoring nature and Country. In fact, nature-based solutions can deliver one third of promised global cuts in emissions.


5 Inspiring Podcasts to Listen to When You’re Feeling Climate Change Anxiety

Have you found yourself sitting on the train on your way to work and you’ve been doom scrolling the entire trip? Or maybe you’re at the gym and you’ve been listening to the same playlist on repeat for the past couple of weeks. How about we change the repetition with ...


How Deforestation Contributes to the Climate Crisis And What is Being Done To Stop It

Deforestation is the intentional clearing of forests for purposes such as land clearing for cattle, farming, mining, drilling, and agriculture. There is an inherent problem here - Habitat destruction. This leaves wildlife vulnerable and prone to desperation, moving into areas for food that are already occupied by us


Where to find courage and defiant hope when our fragile, dewdrop world seems beyond saving

What sources of hope and wisdom can strengthen our capacity to take courageous and effective climate action, and how do we live meaningful lives in a world of rapidly intensifying climate and ecological risks?


More than 130 countries have pledged to reach Net Zero. But what does ‘Net Zero’ actually mean?

We’ve heard a lot of jargon being thrown around such as The Paris Agreement, NDCs, and mitigation, and with major polluters agreeing to cut back on emissions within the coming decades, these terms have become more important than ever. Net Zero. The definition may seem simple in theory, but getting ...


Yes, young people are concerned about climate change. But it can drive them to take action

The COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow is drawing to a close. And despite high hopes, many young people may be feeling disappointed with the progress at these landmark talks.


When it comes to climate justice, we need the facts - but it’s important that we don’t forget about the feelings too.

In order to offer holistic and effective solutions to climate change, it’s important to view the climate crisis as not only a scientific question, but a social and political one as well.


Feel alone in your eco-anxiety? You Aren't – it’s remarkably common to feel like this

You are not alone. We have found eco-anxiety is remarkably common. Almost two-thirds of Australian participants in our recent surveys reported feeling eco-anxiety at least “some of the time”.


Ever wonder what happens to your kerbside recycling?

​It's been 4 years since China announced it's ban on the importation of recyclable materials from Australia, sending the waste industry (and me) into a tailspin! Why was our recyclable waste being shipped overseas in the first place, and where was it going to go now? As confronting as it ...