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We need action on climate.


Recycling Plastic Bottles Is Good, But Reusing Them Is Better

To really reduce plastic packaging, we need to find ways to alter the routines that involve plastic packaging.


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The Circular Economy: Building An Economy On The Template Of Nature

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Can You Help Stop Contact Lens Pollution?

Almost 800 million contact lenses are used every year in the UK alone, that’s a huge amount of plastic going down the drain.


The New Supermarket Brand Closing The Loop On Plastic Waste

All these bottles are made from recycled plastic and are recyclable, creating a closed loop system - so if you know someone who won't stop buying plastic, get them to make it this plastic!


Work Less To Save The Planet? How To Make Sure A Four-Day Week Actually Cuts Emissions

The wave of interest in a four-day week is no longer just about worker wellbeing – it is also about the environmental impact.