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Good news: highway underpasses for wildlife actually work

To find out whether animal underpasses work, we used wildlife cameras to monitor 12 underpasses for more than two years in north-east New South Wales.


Women are turning the tide on climate policy worldwide, and may launch a new era for Australia

Women are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change and yet they are also leading the way in climate policy and politics. Despite the major parties being virtually silent on the issues of gender equity and climate change throughout the 2022 election both issues proved to be turning points ...


Yes, the state of the environment is grim, but you can make a difference, right in your own neighbourhood

Here are five things we can think about to improve the state of our city environments, close to home and in our own neighbourhoods!


Keen to retrofit your home to lower its carbon footprint and save energy? Consider these 3 things

Heating (and cooling) our homes is an energy intensive, expensive affair. Almost 8 million homes across Australia lack sufficient insulation, use sub-par heating and cooling equipment, or are badly designed. Retrofitting is the addition of new technology or features to older systems.



Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2022


The Ins and Outs of Ethical Banking

What is Ethical Banking and why should you switch banks?


Local efforts have cut plastic waste on Australia’s beaches by almost 30% in 6 years

The waste management efforts of local government councils and community clean up programs dramatically help to reduce plastic waste along the Australian coastline.


Shifting seasons: using Indigenous knowledge and western science to help address climate change impacts

Traditional Owners in Australia are the creators of millennia worth of traditional ecological knowledge, this can be used as climate change disrupts the non-indigenous weather calendar.


More Than Just “Good” Citizens - Should we be looking at small businesses for our emission reduction solutions?

Collective action is required to save our oceans, from governments to everyday people. That’s why it is the perfect time to highlight a family (and brand) that have been concerning themselves with plastic pollution in the ocean for the last four years!