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Why Imported Veg Is Still More Sustainable Than Local Meat

Sustainable buying is not as straightforward as simply checking whether an item is locally sourced or not.


Climate change is coming for your snacks: why repeated drought threatens dried fruits and veggies

Why repeated drought threatens dried fruits and veggies


After Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Sell and Donate, How Should We Discard Our Unwanted Clothes?

From innovative textile recycling technology to council recycling programs, it is evident that the solution requires innovation, collaboration and government-led circular systems change.


We could power households from the scraps in our food waste bins – here’s what is stopping us

​Imagine if you could power your kettle using the energy generated from the vegetable cuttings quietly breaking down in your kitchen's compost bin.


Smart Energy For Switched-On Students Giveaway

Have you heard about the ‘Smart Energy for Switched-On Students’ giveaway?


Today’s decisions lock in industry emissions for decades — here’s how to get them right

If Australia is to do its bit, emissions need to fall across the economy.


The world must not look away as the Taliban sexually enslaves women and girls

Since the withdrawal of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan in July, the Taliban have swiftly taken control of large parts of the country. The president has fled and the government has fallen.


IPCC report: how to make global emissions peak and fall – and what’s stopping us

However you slice it, the latest IPCC report told the world what it already knew – and added even greater urgency.


3 ways community gardens often exclude migrants and refugees — and how to turn this around

When community gardens are socially inclusive, everyone benefits.