The future of fashion is RCYCL

Fashion has been my lifelong passion, spanning a career of over 25 years. The thrill of discovering emerging trends and innovative design captivates me!

In the summer of 2019/2020, my family and I were evacuated from the terrifying bushfires that tore through NSW. The realisation that I had no control of this environmental phenomenon was seriously traumatic. It was my husband and my two young children in a crowd of thousands, trying to escape these horrific fires, not know what our next steps would be until we were advised by emergency services. There was panic everywhere.

In the face of such a huge environmental challenge, I found myself considering what I could do at an individual level to NEVER be in this situation again. This event deeply impacted me and it inspired me to take proactive steps towards addressing global warming and pollution. Starting with small, manageable actions. Rather than shying away from this, I chose to confront it and start a business.

A few stark stats to consider, Australia's fashion waste in numbers sits at

  • 373,000 tonnes of new clothes imported each year
  • 10,000 tonnes of clothes are made in Australia each year
  • 210,000 tonnes donated to charities
  • 200,000 tonnes goes to landfill
  • 2% of old clothing gets recycled

My background in the retail industry was the passion that inspired the inception of RCYCL. A product that empowers individuals to become conscious consumers, offering an alternative to discarding garments into landfill by purchasing a compostable bag sold through our brand partners, either online or bricks and mortar stores or via


Fashion is ingrained in our lives as both consumers and enthusiasts. Yet, amongst our love for stylish trends, what steps can we take at an individual level to prolong the life span of our cherished garments, while reducing landfill and fostering a circular economy?

Until now, a viable solution for managing 'unwearable clothes' or textile waste has remained non-existent in the market. It's a topic often overlooked as we clear out our wardrobes and ear mark items for donation or disposal. RCYCL now offers individuals the opportunity to redirect these items responsibly, significantly reducing the volume of unwearable clothes destined for landfill and making an immediate impact at a personal level!

RCYCL is the future of fashion because it needs to be. Creating circularity and transforming waste into fresh creations is truly remarkable. Right now, recycling your old clothes is a new concept. Understanding the importance of this small act, to make a tangible difference at an individual level is essential and finally accessible.

The RCYCL service is all set to go. Now, it's just about weaving it into our daily routines.

This is not the solution in its entirety, but it's definitely a move in cutting down textile waste. This journey fits right in with the larger efforts in the fashion industry globally and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

Guest blog written by Belinda Paul

Belinda Paul boasts over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry. As a Mum of two she wants to see a change of behaviour in an industry she has dedicated her to. She has now dedicated her career to changing how consumers see their old clothing and how to utilise it.

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