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What I learnt from getting together with my friends to talk climate

As our 1 Million Women big weekend of conversations called 1M TALKING CLIMATE fast approaches, I am reflecting on the pilot get together that I hosted back in April.


Want To Make The Switch? Here’s A List Of Banks That Don’t Invest In Fossil Fuels!

We’ve put together a list below to help you understand which banks are contributing to the problem and which banks are striving for a “green” way forward.


How To Find (And Switch To) A Bank That Works Well For The Planet And Your Wallet

In this article we’ll cover off the steps for how to find an ethical bank that suits you.


All-electric homes are better for your hip pocket and the planet. Here's how governments can help us get off gas

If we want to electrify but can't afford it, governments could make it easier for us. Here's how.


Keen to retrofit your home to lower its carbon footprint and save energy? Consider these 3 things

Heating (and cooling) our homes is an energy intensive, expensive affair. Almost 8 million homes across Australia lack sufficient insulation, use sub-par heating and cooling equipment, or are badly designed. Retrofitting is the addition of new technology or features to older systems.


The Ins and Outs of Ethical Banking

What is Ethical Banking and why should you switch banks?


Greenwashing: The Challenge for Conscious Consumers

As people take to the streets (and screens!) to demand change, it finally seems as though brands are taking note - but do they really care or is it all just the work of clever marketing teams?


A guide to buying quality over quantity!

“Buy quality over quantity!” is one of the most common phrases you’ll hear in the slow fashion community, and the sentiment is correct! It is much more sustainable to buy good quality pieces that will last, than to constantly purchase flimsy, poor-quality, fast fashion outfits that will rip and tear ...


Beyond electric cars: how electrifying trucks, buses, tractors and scooters will help tackle climate change

When you think of an electric vehicle, chances are you’ll picture a car. But there’s a quiet revolution going on in transport. It turns out electrification can work wonders for almost all of our transport options, from electric bikes to motorbikes to buses to freight trains and even to tractors ...