Latest Energy posts


Our submission into the Senate Inquiry into Residential Electrification

We're inputting to shape policy for residential electrification here in Australia! Read our submission here #1MREADY


What to read and watch to learn more about energy, electrification and gas

a list of reads to get you on your way to a more efficient, and comfortable home that's cheaper to run!


5 tips for getting off gas at home – for a cleaner, cheaper, healthier future

Burning gas in our homes to cook food or heat air and water has become a contentious issue. Here's how to leave it behind.


What I learnt from getting together with my friends to talk climate

As our 1 Million Women big weekend of conversations called 1M TALKING CLIMATE fast approaches, I am reflecting on the pilot get together that I hosted back in April.


All-electric homes are better for your hip pocket and the planet. Here's how governments can help us get off gas

If we want to electrify but can't afford it, governments could make it easier for us. Here's how.


What’s a Heat Pump Hot Water System and what are the benefits of switching to one?

As we transform our homes to get off gas, hot water heating is one of the processes in our home that we can look at first. We investigated heat pumps as a solution to this and found out how they actually work!


Farewell Liddell: what to expect when Australia's oldest coal plant closes

After more than five decades, the last operating units of the Liddell coal-fired power station will close this month. How do we prepare for the closing of our old coal fired power stations?


Want an easy $400 a year? Ditch the gas heater in your home for an electric split system

When it comes to saving money and transitioning our homes off fossil fuels, ditching our gas heating is a big one!


Small changes can make big savings to your power consumption

Reducing household energy consumption is something we can all do by starting with small actions! You'll be surprised how easy it is, with a conscious effort to change our household energy habits.