Here are 5 amazing resources to refer to if you're thinking about switching to solar power

Last month we had an amazing Women Power session all about creating a comfortable, efficient and low emissions home. We learnt about the benefits of rooftop solar and had wonderful experts, Solar Analytics and Evitat, join us who shared a range of tools and resources to help plan renovate and pick the right order to do things in.

In case you missed the session or haven't joined Women Power, we've rounded up a valuable list of resources referenced by our experts to help you kickstart your journey with transitioning to solar energy:

1. Your Energy Answers

Your Energy Answers is a wonderful platform with free e-guides and videos on transitioning to renewable energy and how it can benefit your home. In short, it is a comprehensive media site that answers all your questions on all things energy, solar, smart homes, and more!

2. The Good Solar Guide

If you're more of a reader, you might find The Good Solar Guide by Finn Peacock, the founder of Solar Quotes. This book demystifies the solar buying process in Australia by telling you the exact number of panels you need, which panel brands to buy and how to find a good solar installer. Everything is broken down into a seven-step process, simplifying your process of installing and using solar power!

3. The NETCC Approved Sellers List

Sellers on the New Energy Tech Consumer Code List protect consumers who purchase rooftop solar, battery storage, EV and more, by ensuring that sellers provide fair and quality services. This includes everything from their marketing practices to their after-sale services. Consumers can find an approved seller near them via the website.

4. Solar Quotes

Anyone can get free quotes for solar, batteries or EV chargers on the Solar Quotes Website. The website provides honest, uncensored reviews on various solar installers as well as a large volume of helpful blog entries on research solar panels and the latest solar stories.

5. Solar Analytics' Solar Maximiser

This digital tool allows anyone to find the best combination of rooftop solar, battery, and hot water heat pump to maximise their energy savings. Users will then receive a free, independent, and personalised report on the Smart Energy options that will reduce their energy bills the most.

Happy learning and we hope this list of resources can help you transition your home to renewable energy!

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