Electrifying our homes doesn't have to be complicated!

Although natural gas was thought to be an efficient resource to heat and cool our homes for decades, we know now that it isn't the answer. To achieve a cheap, comfortable and efficient home that runs using as little emissions as possible we must look to renewable energy. As more and more of us get solar and the grid becomes more renewable, making the change to electric at home will help us harness this power.

Why electrify?

Not only does gas damage our environment, but electrifying our homes would also reduce our energy bills amidst a cost of living crisis. The Climate Council found that Australian households that switch to fully electric can save up to $1899 on their annual bills, depending on which part of Australia they're in! How incredible is that? Gas stoves are also a source of indoor air pollution that emits toxic compounds, posing a risk to our health. An increasing collection of studies are now showing that they continue to release these toxic particles even when not in use. An electrified household – which in this case, would involve using an induction stove instead of gas – is better for our health.

What is stopping people electrifying their homes?

We know that home electrification can feel overwhelming at the start, especially when there are so many changes you can make and everyone's home is so different. We like to emphasise through our Women Power program that none of us are alone, and the best way to tackle these barriers is to start with understanding them first.

1. Complexity

It's difficult to know where we should even begin. The information available about various products is quite technical, which can be difficult to wrap our heads around. Figuring out how a heat pump works or what is the best method to draught proof your home takes time to work out.

Some might also find the incentives and rebates made available by the Government quite confusing. We've done some digging to bring you this list of rebates available in Australia (and state by state!)

2. Coordination

Coordinating the electrification process can be tough because we need to know what the right combination of technologies looks like for our homes. Home owners then have to look into the best-suited trades for their homes, get competitive quotes, and ensure they complete the replacements in the right sequence. It can be emotionally taxing. Since a typical household usually finds themselves replacing 3, 4, or even 5 appliances, looking for a trustworthy team across multiple trades to complete the work can be a massive challenge

3. Cost

One of the biggest challenges for home electrification is the upfront cost of appliances. Though many people know that investing in renewable sources and ditching gas will leave them better financially in the long run, the upfront costs for installing electrical appliances can be significant.

So how do we tackle this?

There are many ways to electricity your home so the best place to start is knowing what energy sources you've got in your home, where you need to get rid of the inefficient gas appliances and start to make out a plan. Take a look at this checklist to help you!

We also have a slider on the different areas of electrification you can look into for your homes to aid your planning.

How Goodbye Gas is working to remove these barriers

If you'd prefer that someone took the guesswork out of the process… look no further than Goodbye Gas, our incredible partners who have an integrated service model for those wanting the peace of mind and simplicity of having to organise just one service. Their bread and butter is removing the complexity and coordination barriers to make electrification easier for all!

Goodbye Gas provides end-to-end services to help make an efficient electrification process, which includes coordination, assessment, and delivery. This reduces the complexities around dealing with multiple suppliers and tradespeople.

If you are looking to make the switch to an all electric home, join our Women Power program as we empower and educate women on this journey. Women have the opportunity to share their stories of home electrification with one another and hear what others are saying about the process. To ensure we are all equipped to transform our homes, we have Zoom sessions to hear from experts about all things home electrification!

Home electrification can be daunting and complex, but you don't have to do it alone. We are here to guide you through every step of the way!

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