Women Power: 1M Transforming My Home

We're going on a household transformation journey, exploring the small and large changes we can make in our home to help us move beyond fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas)!

Many of us will make big decisions over the next few years. What car to purchase. What decision to make if our hot water system breaks. Can we get rooftop solar or switch to a green power provider? How to get off gas and upgrade our cooktop?

Our power bills and rising energy costs, heatwaves and weather extremes are affecting us all. But we can all do something. ie. being more energy efficient is an important part of this transformation too. It not only prevents carbon from entering the atmosphere but also put more money back in our pockets.

Reducing our global emissions needs the biggest collaborative effort from every sector of society - the energy we use and save in our households plays a huge role.

We know it's not all easy! This is why we have set out to understand the challenges and the solutions to getting off gas. We can create energy efficient and comfortable homes that don't rely on coal, oil or gas. We want to explore this with women in all situations, from renters to homeowners!

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