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Climate Refugees: How The World Is Responding And What You Can Do Too

​Amidst discussions of rising sea levels and heating temperatures, we need to remember that the climate emergency is a very human issue. Humans created it and humans will experience the full effects of it.


How To Implement Planet Strong Practices In Your Home and Business

Sustainable changes have proven benefits for your health, wallet, utility bills and the environment. Here are a few ways to incorporate planet strong practices into your home and business.


How To Be Actively Optimistic In The Face of The Climate Crisis

We often receive messages from our community saying they are feeling down about climate change and we get it - it can get overwhelming. So we want to share with you some thoughts to help you choose optimism.


This Indigenous-Led Organisation Is Preventing Future Fires With Traditional Knowledge

Firesticks is an Indigenous-led organisation helping fire-affected communities to heal, recover and re-invigorate the use of cultural burning by facilitating cultural learning pathways to fire and land management.


Avoiding Single-Use Plastic Was Becoming Normal, Until Coronavirus. Here's How We Can Return To Good Habits

The good news is we can return to our plastic-avoiding habits. It just might look a little a different.


Affluence Is Killing The Planet, Warn Scientists

To put it bluntly: the rich do more harm than good.


Time’s Up: Let’s Call Forth The Climate Warrior In All Of Us

I deliberately choose every single day to care about climate change, even though it would be easier not to. Because ignoring it won’t make it go away and honestly, I’m guilty of having ignored the issue for too long already.


Are Reusables Still Safe To Use? These Scientists Say Yes

Nearly 130 scientists, academics and doctors from 19 countries signed a statement to reassure retailers and consumers that reusable and refillable items can still be used safely during the pandemic, as long as proper basic hygiene is employed.


Everything You Need To Know About Food Sovereignty

There’s so much more to food than what ends up on our plates. The journey food takes to end up there is complicated and wrapped up in political forces, privatisation, climate and social injustices.