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‘Garbologist’ Belinda Chellingworth reflecting on Australia’s circularity journey

Reducing waste is a journey: Stories from our 1 Million Women Community


Here's a step-by-step guide of writing a letter to your MP

Make your voice heard with a personal letter on exactly what climate action you expect from your elected politician


Green Burials and why we dig them!

Armed with knowledge of green burial and other afterlife options, we can continue to leave a lasting impact on the planet!


These climate solutions are giving us hope for the future

Seeing inspiring solutions that people all around the world are creating to tackle the climate crisis empowers us. Here's some of the finalists for the Earthshot Prize 2023!


Indigenous rangers are burning the desert the right way – to stop the wrong kind of intense fires from raging

Dozens of Indigenous ranger groups have been hard at work burning to reduce the fuel load before the summer’s heat, here's why we need more of this.


What volunteering in an MP's office has taught me

An electoral office’s role is to serve their community and support the Member of Parliament to do their job. Before volunteering in an MPs office I had never thought to phone or email my MP, here's what happens when you do!


What I learnt from getting together with my friends to talk climate

As our 1 Million Women big weekend of conversations called 1M TALKING CLIMATE fast approaches, I am reflecting on the pilot get together that I hosted back in April.


Podcast episodes inspiring us right now

Need some inspirations on your morning commute? These are the climate related podcast episodes keeping us company at the moment!


Connecting to culture: here’s what happened when elders gifted totemic species to school kids

Students connecting to culture flows on to increase engagement with nature and science and also personal feelings of connection and responsibility to the environment.