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5 reasons why you should pick an electric vehicle over a hybrid

If you're considering a battery car - here's why going full electric could make much more sense.


Commuting without the emissions

Greening your daily commute to work with sustainable transportation alternatives


Range Anxiety and how to deal with it

Range anxiety is something most EV owners experience at some point but with a little planning can be quickly overcome.


Why Electric Vehicles are a climate solution

​Every journey can be a zero emissions journey with Electric Vehicles - whether it's the car we drive, or the bus we get on!


Electric Vehicles and Circularity with Polestar

Why 1 Million Women have partnered with Polestar to tell the story of Electric Vehicles and why we need circularity from our car companies. The electrification of our homes (and our transport options!) has never been more important.


We all know the Great Barrier Reef is in danger – the UN has just confirmed it. Again.

The latest UN mission has just reported back, finding the reef’s condition is worsening and recommending it be listed as “in danger”. It also offered practical solutions


Meet the world’s largest plant: a single seagrass clone stretching 180 km in Western Australia’s Shark Bay

To find out how many different individual plants are growing in a seagrass meadow, you have to test their DNA. We did this for meadows of ribbon weed seagrass called Posidonia australis in the shallow sun-drenched waters of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, in Western Australia and the result ...

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Five walks to save the world – how ‘psychogeography’ can help you confront the climate crisis

While you may not be able to fix the big problems alone, there are ways to take action, and this can start with something as simple as a walk.


Thinking of buying an electric vehicle for your next car? Here’s the market outlook and what to consider

As petrol prices soar and climate change impacts make themselves felt, many people are likely wondering if their next car should be a fully electric vehicle. Yes, the upfront costs are generally higher – but what does the future hold? Will prices fall in coming years and what costs do ...