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Browser extensions are a great way to make online life easier. These days there are browser extensions for almost anything.


An Inside Look Into The Growing World Of Outfit Hiring

Have you ever considered hiring a dress for an upcoming event? Well, it turns out many young people are doing just that in their local community.


On Living Sustainably With A Chronic Illness

Why we need to aim for a world that's better and safer for everyone in our fight for the environment.


Why It’s Not Okay To Throw Out Usable Furniture And Buy New (Just Because We Can!)

Throwing away furniture costs the planet. If there's something you really don't need or want anymore, here's what you can do instead.


How To Buy The Right Shoes, Mend Them And Make Them Last Longer

Shoes are pretty essential, we’re stuck with them. The problem is… the planet is stuck with them too.


What Does the Future of Preorders Look Like In A World Where Instant Gratification Is The Norm?

In Cape Town, a start up company delivering zero-waste vegan sushi has taken on a preorder system as a means of reducing food waste.


Fresh Food Starts With An Organised Fridge

So word on the street is we haven’t been using our fridges correctly this whole time. Storing food correctly and safely is an important step in minimizing food wastage, saving money, and keeping our food good for our bodies. So, master the art of the refrigerator, and our food, our ...


Vegan Leather Made From Mushrooms Could Mould The Future Of Sustainable Fashion

Commercial products made with fungi-derived leather are expected to be on sale soon!


Why Reusables Are Still Safe To Use During A Pandemic

Hayley from Onya has done the research and found that reusables are just as good, if not better, if you want to stay healthy during the pandemic.