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Why Reusables Are Still Safe To Use During A Pandemic

Hayley from Onya breaks has done the research and found that reusables are just as good, if not better, if you want to stay healthy during the pandemic.


Unconscious Consuming: How We’re Influenced To Impulse Buy And Buy Things We Don’t Need

We're constantly inundated with a world that encourages us to buy things without even thinking. This is called unconscious consumerism.


The Mauritian Oil Spill Highlighted Huge Flaws In How We Ship. Here Are Some Things We Can Do About It

How do we prevent this industry from doing more harm in the future?


Recycled Plastic Clothing: Friend or Foe?

Recycled plastic clothing utilises resources already a part of the waste stream, recycling industrial plastic waste, fabric, plastic bottles and fishing nets, keeping those materials out of oceans and landfill.


Reef Safe, Plastic Free Sunscreen: Our Review

Sunscreen is important, but it also always comes in plastic! But we think we might have finally found the best of both worlds.


Safe Sex and Sustainability: Here’s How To Have Both!

Being concerned about the environment often extends to every part of your life. It’s easy to start looking at everything through a “green” lens and think “how can I make this better for the environment?”, so why not extend that to your sex life too!


Can We Ever Truly Be Conscious Consumers? Or Is The Very Idea A Contradiction?

Is there such a thing as conscious consumerism - a type of consuming that doesn’t harm the planet or people? Or is the very nature of consumerism damaging? Let’s take a look.


Here’s Our Sustainable Fashion Resource List To Help You Break The Fast Fashion Habit

We've put together a comprehensive list of resources out there to help you along your journey to a sustainable and ethical closet!


‘Plastic-Free’ Fashion Is Not As Clean Or Green As It Seems

We must reassess and change our attitudes towards our clothing and reform the whole lifecycle of our garments.