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Fires In Our Heartlands: Words From 1MW Founder Natalie Isaacs

This is a climate catastrophe, and these are the consequences of global heating, scorching the places we love. These changes are not just a threat to future generations. They are a threat for all of us, and they're here and now.


How To Help With The Australian Bushfires, From Anywhere Around The World

We've had lots of people ask us what they can do to help with the fires from outside Australia (and inside Australia), here are some organisations you can donate to, and actions you can take that help.


Fire Back

We've been filling the streets. We're living climate action. Let's flood our MPs offices with demands for climate action too.


Climate Conferences Are Male, Pale And Stale – It's Time To Bring In Women

Women needs to be supported from the village to the global stage. Their vital experience can help create robust, sustainable and effective solutions to our climate crisis.


The Best Of 2019: Stories That Gave Us Hope This Year

Let’s finish 2019 with hope and be inspired by the extraordinary initiatives started around the world this year.


Expect Family Talks About Climate Change This Christmas? Take Tips From Greta Thunberg

We can learn much from Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg – a master of staying on topic.


Feeling Anxious About The Climate Emergency? Here’s How To Feel Better

There are steps we can all take to make sure that the climate emergency doesn’t take its toll on our mental health.


Your Bank Might Be Undoing All Your Good Work For The Planet, But It’s Easy To Fix

Who we all bank with has a massive impact on the fossil fuel industry. It's not all just politicians and big CEOs in charge here, it's you too!


The Most Powerful Actors In Cultural Change Are Our Kids

Here’s how one woman started an empowerment movement for everyone, especially children, to make a big difference anytime, anywhere.