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Covid-19 and Travel: What the Pandemic Can Teach Us About Sustainable Travel

We've all had to alter our ideas of the perfect holiday. Covid-19 has forced many of us to take a look at what we have closer to home, and doing so benefits both us and the environment.


What Is ‘Ecofeminism’ And Why Is It More Relevant Now Than Ever?

Women want change. Women want an alternative; a new vision; a new paradigm. So, is there an alternative? Well, the ecofeminists of this world certainly think so.


What Is The Fashion Industry Doing To Tackle Climate Change?

The fashion industry is one of climate change's major contributors. In 2018, the global fashion industry was responsible for at least 4% of global greenhouse-gas emissions - more than France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined.


5 First Nations-led Businesses That Will Help You On Your Climate Journey

Indigenous people are on the frontlines of the climate crisis, They’ve been fighting for their land and sacred sites for years. We can learn so much from First-Nations people in this fight against climate change!


Electric Cars Aren’t Just Good For The Planet, They’re Good For Us Too!

Why electric cars are more convenient and practical, more fun to drive, and how they can save us money.


4 Reasons To Sign Up For Earth Hour If You’ve Never Done It Before

On Saturday, 27 March 2021, 8:30pm local time, millions around the world will switch off their lights for one hour in the symbolic event to support climate change action.


Bad News Getting You Down? Here’s Some Certified Good News

These podcasts, books & articles helped restore our hope!


Thousands Of Flood-Affected People Are Sheltering In Schools, Clubs And Halls – But We Can Do Better

Under climate change, bushfires and floods will only get more frequent and intense. We must start planning and building better evacuation centres now – let’s not wait for the next disaster.


Not 'If', But 'When': City Planners Need To Design For Flooding. These Examples Show The Way

We need to design our urban spaces around the idea that flooding is inevitable. That means not building on flood plains, and thinking creatively about what can be done to create urban “sinks” to hold water when floods strike. Examples from overseas show what’s possible when the political will is ...