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Online Shopping, Supporting Local Businesses And Trying To Live Zero Waste: Can These All Work Together?

Over the past couple of decades, our consumer habits have been a topic of mass discussion through different peaks and troughs. But it feels like they've never before been under such scrutiny and pressure.


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How Do Waste Free Period Options Stack Up When Travelling? We Tried Them Out!

A 1MW community member and staff member try out menstrual cups and period proof underwear on recent trips. This is their verdict!


How To Travel Plastic-Free

Here are a few simple ways to make travelling plastic-free easier!


Contact Lenses Are Plastic! Here Are The Best Ways To Recycle And Dispose Of Them

It's been found that millions of contact lenses are being flushed and ending up in oceans because people don't realise they're plastic. We all need to be able to see, so here's how to dispose of your contact lenses in the most sustainable way possible!


Where To Find Biodegradable Adhesive Bandages

Zero waste wound care can be tricky to find. Here are some low waste alternatives to plastic and latex adhesive bandages.