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We all know the Great Barrier Reef is in danger – the UN has just confirmed it. Again.

The latest UN mission has just reported back, finding the reef’s condition is worsening and recommending it be listed as “in danger”. It also offered practical solutions


The Great Barrier Reef Isn’t Listed as ‘In Danger’ – But It’s Still In Big Trouble

It’s not entirely evident why UNESCO decided not to list the Reef as “in danger” at this year’s meeting, given the many ongoing threats to its health.


What’s the Economic Value Of The Great Barrier Reef? It’s Priceless

Deloitte worked out the economic value of our Reef, but there's something that they haven't taken into account.


We’re Declaring The Reef In Danger. Here’s Why.

After two consecutive bleaching events, is it safe to say the reef’s in danger yet?


Why I Won't Give Up Fighting For Our Great Barrier Reef

Despite a second bleaching event, and not much hope in the media, Gold Coast mum Carly Wilson is going to keep working to save the Reef.


People Power: What We Can All Learn From Standing Rock

The Army Corps of Engineers has denied a permit to drill underneath North Dakota's Lake Oahe, halting construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Here is what we've learnt from the victory.


Great Barrier Reef: World Heritage Site Still Very Much “In Danger”

The Reef could be re-considered for an "in-danger" listing by the United Nations World Heritage Committee in light of the recent coral bleaching event.


How will the Barrier Reef recover from the death of one-third of its northern corals?

An estimated one-third of corals have now died in the parts of the Great Barrier Reef hit hardest by bleaching, meaning recovery could take years or even decades


The oceans are becoming too hot for coral, and sooner than we expected

Corals are experiencing only the third global bleaching event in recorded history, caused by warming seas. But worse is yet to come.