Latest COP21 posts


Animal agriculture and the Paris agreement: What does it mean?

Animal agriculture is a hot topic amongst environmentalists. So how did it fare in Paris?


Climate justice and an end to fossil fuels: the Paris agreement won’t satisfy activists

The Paris Agreement will leave activists demanding direct action on fossil fuels and energy market reform.


The Paris Agreement: what you need to know

An historic climate agreement was reached in Paris. This is a break down of everything you need to know.


How 1.5 became the most important number at the Paris climate talks

1.5 or 2 degrees? What matters is how we get there.


This interactive map shows how your country is fighting climate change

Released by the climate institute, this map has in-depth analysis of each country's climate action performance.


New factsheet reveals how Australia’s current environmental targets are in need of improvement

Australia gets a rather embarrassing scorecard


COP21 Wrap Up: One week in

Finance board makes a big announcement, Saudi Arabia wins big at the Fossils and a deal is slow in the works.


COP21 Update: Art and Activism

The Paris Climate summit is far from a series of talks between world leaders. We look at how it's playing out on the streets.


People power at People’s Climate Summit, the COP21 alternative striving to change the world

Gathering together to act on climate change within the community