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What is you could grow a tree from your iPhone?


Paris climate summit: Wrap up, 3 days in.

Our wrap up of the comings and goings on COP21 so far.


Artists Are Protesting Corporate Sponsorship Of The UN Climate Talks With Fake Ads All Over Paris.

Artist collective Brandalism has taken over the streets of Paris with a mass (anti) marketing campaign.


German financial giant Allianz is divesting from fossil fuels

Divestment from fossil fuels isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for business


Six Signs The Climate Is Right For A Paris Agreement

This is our movement. This is our moment. Here are six indicators the tide is turning on climate change – just in time for negotiations in Paris.


How climate change is a security threat (and why COP21 is so important)

"The Paris climate summit should be viewed as a kind of preemptive peace conference, one that is taking place before the wars truly begin."


Why the Paris Climate talks have the potential to change the world

Getting 195 countries to agree on anything is daunting, but we can make it happen


According to the World Bank, global warming could push 100 million people into extreme poverty

The connection between climate change and poverty, often overlooked, is now spelled out more plainly than ever before in a new report by the World Bank.


These are the key terms you need to know to understand climate change

With the Paris climate conference just around the corner, it’s time to check that your vocabulary is up to scratch!