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Australia Joins A Handful Of Countries, Opens Its First Supermarket For Rescued Food

Australia’s first ever rescued food supermarket has opened, with the aim to tackle three major problems, food waste, global warming and hunger.

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Falling In Love Is Saying Enough

How we can be content with our wardrobes as they are.

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Ethical Fashion: The Unlikely Hero of Our Oceans

Fighting for our oceans with ethical fashion, a conversation with Kirsten Lee from Fashion Revolution

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What's A Yurt And Why Should You Live In One

Could this be how you achieve your dream of living a minimalist life in the mountains?

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8 of the fastest growing planet-strong jobs

Our need to act on climate change has brought about an array of opportunities for the career-minded.

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Takeaway Coffee Cups: The Issues Unwrapped

What happens to takeaway coffee cups after we've finished using them for all of five minutes? This article gives you the low down on them all.

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Is A Degree In Sustainability Worth It?

It is undeniable that we live in a system that prioritises capital carbon-loving wealth above all else, so will pursuing a career in sustainability leave us jobless and broke?

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How You're Inspiring Others To Change The World, Just By Doing Your Thing

Studies have shown that people will act on their values if they see others around them doing it. So keep being you and you'll start seeing people change around you!

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The Rubber Jellyfish Phenomenon

Why a Gold Coast mum has spent three years creating a documentary about helium balloons