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Why I’m Wearing all of the Trash I Produce for the Next Month.

For 30 days Rob Greenfield am wearing every single piece of trash that he creates. Here's why.


Lab Grown Meat Could Be On your Plate Very Soon

We're looking at lab grown, vegetarian meat. Many climate activists don't eat meat for environmental reasons. Would you give this a go!?


Tips to successfully growing vegetables in containers

Grow edible plants like herbs, root vegetables, and fruit in containers. It's perfect for small-space gardeners!

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Food Prep Guide: Cut Time, Save Dollars & Waste Less

Meal prepping for the week is a great way to cut down on food waste


Mushrooms: Here's The Best Way To Cook Them!

The reason mushrooms get so much hate is nearly 100% because of bad cooking technique.


How To: Protect your garden from aphids and other bugs without using pesticides

Here's how can you avoid pesticides when growing your own food.


How To Keep A Fern Alive

Ferns seem to be one of the hardest house plants to keep alive. They want light but not too much. They want water but not to be wet. Sometimes it's about finding the right position. This is how to keep them alive.


How To Get Enough Protein On A Plant-Based Diet

Who says you can’t be a bulky gym babe on a plant based diet? Try these natural proteins!


How To Cook Polenta Chips

This recipe is great because you can adapt the supporting ingredients to make it vegan if you like. It’s also really filling and cheap to make. Tick, tick, tick.