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Creamy Peanut Butter And Lentil Curry

The peanut comes through strongly, but balances extremely well with the Indian spices and the meaty lentils. Spoon over jasmine rice for the perfect blend between classic chickpea curry, creamy Dal Makhani, and an African peanut stew.


10 tips for eating locally and cutting the energy used to produce your food

Being a "locavore" means choosing food that is grown locally, and is one way that you can play a role in feeding more people in a rapidly changing world.


Healthy(ish) Frozen Snickers Bars

There's a reason Snickers bars are so popular. Yet, there is a reason to avoid them. A sugar high feels good for about 5 minutes, and then you crash. Try this more natural alternative instead!


3 Things Every Climate Activist Should Be Doing

If you're not doing these three things then you're not doing enough to fight the climate crisis!

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How To Enjoy Friday Drinks Without Harming The Planet

Everything we use, buy, and consumer has an effect on the planet. Here are our tips for enjoying a night out while considering the earth.


How to: grow your own mushrooms

Explore options for growing your own fresh mushrooms at home


How To Make Homemade Marinara Sauce From Scratch

A simple, classic recipe to use up extra tomatoes!

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How To Make Sustainable Living A Habit Not A Hassle

Looking to start your climate conscious journey? Take the first steps with this handy guide.


How to: grow your own sunflowers

Bring bees to your garden by growing your own flowers