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Birds, Bees And Bugs: Your Garden Is An Ecosystem, And It Needs Looking After

Whether you live in an urban apartment or a rural homestead, your outdoor area is more than just a private space.

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The Dirt On Clothes: Why Washing Less Is More Sustainable

Our modern standards of cleanliness are hurting our planet. Here's what happens when you wash less.

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Homemade Pelleted Seeds

Certain seeds are notorious for being small enough to slip past the cracks in your hand. These pelleted seeds will help you to prepare and space your plants so that you don't have to worry about over-seeding and thinning.

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#LeaveItOnTheShelf: Tips For Avoiding Pointless Plastic Packaging

Hate it when your fruit and veg comes wrapped in pointless plastic packaging? Here's how to avoid it altogether!

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1 Million Women Take On The Plastic Free July Challenge

At 1 Million Women we love to hate plastic. That's why we're all taking the challenge to go plastic free this July!

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Plastic Free July: How To Go A Whole Month Without Plastic

Have you signed up for Plastic Free July? Here's how to make it through the month plastic free.

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We Can’t Recycle Our Way To ‘Zero Waste’

While recycling is a great last line of defence, it’s nowhere near as effective as avoiding the waste in the first place.

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Is A Vegetarian Diet Really More Environmentally Friendly Than Eating Meat?

We’re increasingly encouraged to eat less meat to tackle climate change. But what about all those fruit, vegetable and staples crossing the globe – can we really label them as more sustainable?

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Sustainable Shopping: For Planet-Friendly Jeans, Stop Washing Them So Often

Denim jeans – whether ripped, straight, flared, vintage or raw – are one of the world’s most-loved garments. But from fibre to wardrobe, they have a considerable ecological footprint.