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How Much Does It Cost To Become Carbon Neutral For An Entire Year?

In order to put a price on your CO2 emissions, you first need to know how much of a footprint you’ve made.

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5 Ways To Help The Planet Through Sharing

The positive impact of sharing on the planet is undeniable, but can we share and swap our way out of the climate crisis?

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The lazy person's guide to saving to world

12 easy ways you can make an impact


Wild Women: Meet The Filmmaker On A Quest To Save Our Oceans

Meet the woman travelling the globe to give nature a voice.


10 Ways To Reduce Your Waste At A Music Festival

80% of the rubbish generated by music festivals is left behind by campers.

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My Top Ten Documentaries To Get You Thinking (And Questioning)

There are so many great documentaries out there, and watching them is a great way to understand the issues, learn more, and feel re-inspired to take action.

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This Couple Transformed An Unused 1993 School Bus Into A Tiny Home

The 12 row, 61 passenger capacity school bus is now a solar powered tiny home on wheels.


5 Eco-Friendly Australian Getaways That Don't Cost The Earth

Resort vacations don't have to damage the planet. Here are 5 Australian getaways that aim to protect their surrounding environment.


This couple transformed a retro Volkswagen into a DIY solar electric bus

Combining a minimalist lifestyle with their passion for clean energy, Brett and Kira Belen and their kids are travelling the US in their DIY solar electric VW bus.