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How Electric Cars Can Help Save The Grid

Electric vehicles could be the key to boosting demand for renewable energy from the grid.

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Travelling Local & Solo: Why The Van Life Is The Best Life

This girl explored close to home in her van and discovered more about herself and the amazing things close by.


Meet Three Inspiring Women Leading The Fight For the Environment

Three women who are working to positively impact the environment, and help others to do the same.


Our Plastic Free, Zero Waste Family Home

This is how my family lives plastic free and zero waste.


How to Grow Cauliflowers at Home

Looking for ideas of what to plant in your autumn garden? Why not give cauliflowers a go!


Is It Time To Ditch Your Car?

While we own more cars than ever before, we’re actually using them less.

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Jaime Lannister Is Documenting The Impacts Of Climate Change In Greenland

The Game of Throne star has partnered with Google to unveil the changing landscapes of Greenland through Google street-view.

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What Is Ecofeminism?

How can I ensure my rights as a woman are upheld? How do I confirm that the sanctity of the planet is cared for? How can I guarantee that the rights of all living things are respected without diminishing or isolating other marginalized groups in the process? The answer lies ...


Are Take-Away Coffee Cups Recyclable?

Disposable coffee cups (even the paper kind) often have a plastic layer that makes the un-recyclable. So here's what you can do.