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How Much Does It Cost To Become Carbon Neutral For An Entire Year?

In order to put a price on your CO2 emissions, you first need to know how much of a footprint you’ve made.


Why Do We Continue To Buy Bottled Water?

Why is it that in developed countries, where safe drinking water is literally ‘on tap’, we continue to buy bottled water?

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5 Ways To Make This School Year More Sustainable

Whether your school year is already in full swing or about to get going for the year ahead, find 5 ways to minimise your kids environmental footprint.


Recipe | Vegetable Quesadilla

Warming, hearty, and definitely not missing the meat factor!


Recipe: Cream Vegan Nice Cream

This is a very simple recipe that makes a deliciously creamy ice cream that is nutritionally dense and delicious!


Recipe: Potato Soup With Sauteed Mushrooms, Kale and Garlic

There's nothing quite like a nice creamy soup - and this one really hits the spot! Not only that, it's vegan friendly!


Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread

This banana bread will help you use up any overripe bananas and will have you going back for seconds.

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5 Ways To Help The Planet Through Sharing

The positive impact of sharing on the planet is undeniable, but can we share and swap our way out of the climate crisis?

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The lazy person's guide to saving to world

12 easy ways you can make an impact