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Less Stuff, More Meaning: How To Lighten Your Wedding's Footprint

We chat with the founder of Less Stuff, More Meaning, an organisation that enables couples to hold ethical, minimalist weddings

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Wins And Fails From Plastic Free July

The 1 Million Women team talk about their Plastic Free July Experience.


Are Plastic Free Organics Possible? This Supermarket Proves That They Are.

It's time for our supermarkets to get rid of plastic packaged fruit and vegetables.

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How To Zero-Waste Your Period

Single-use tampons and pads use heaps of resources and chemicals to manufacture, and take longer to degrade in a landfill than our lifespan. What are the alternatives?

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Our Favourite Plastic Free July Moments

July is almost over but the plastic free revolution is still going strong


How Absorbent Are Period Undies? And More Of Your Questions Answered

Everything on how period and leak-proof undies work, how they help the environment, and if they can be used for other things like discharge and bladder leaks.


Are Electric Cars As Planet-Strong As We Think?

People often say that electric cars aren't really as sustainable as manufacturers make them out to be. Could this really be true?


How Your Pile Of Laundry Fills The Sea With Plastic Pollution

In the washing machine, abrasion of clothes removes tiny fibres which are too small to be caught by the machine’s filters.

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Period Underwear: A Sustainable Alternative For Young Girls Starting Menstruation

Period underwear are a newcomer on the scene when it comes to navigating the world of periods. They are gaining attention as a sustainable alternative to disposable pads or tampons.