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How Climate Change Can Make Us Change Our Lifestyles And Be Happier As A Result

One Victorian woman has started shaping the way she lives to fight climate change, and she's finding she's happier as a result!

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What's A Yurt And Why Should You Live In One

Could this be how you achieve your dream of living a minimalist life in the mountains?

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8 of the fastest growing planet-strong jobs

Our need to act on climate change has brought about an array of opportunities for the career-minded.


4 Reasons Why Your Solar Could Be Slacking Off

Your solar could be slacking off and your hard earned money is going towards supporting a dirty grid to cover the gaps! Here's how to prevent that from happening and get the most out of your investment in the sun.


How To Build A Bee Hotel

Following news that the first wild bee in the US has been added to the endangered species list, people are taking matters into their own hands.


Five golden rules to help solve your recycling dilemmas

Have you ever found yourself facing your recycling bin, completely befuddled about whether or not you can put a particular item in it? You’re not alone.


Shipping Container Tiny Houses: What You Need To Know

Can’t afford a house? Or are you just looking to living more sustainably on a smaller scale?


DIY Fizzy Toilet Cleaning Tablets

Cleaning the toilet doesn't have to be a dirty job. The fizzy aspect of these tablets can make cleaning the toilet fun!


You Can't Talk Coal Without Talking Climate Change

The Galilee Basin’s coal will “improve air quality and lower greenhouse gases” is the latest claim in support of a giant coal mine planned for Queensland, Australia. It seems unfathomable that in 2017 lines where politicians are spruiking that coal is “good for the environment” are still gaining airtime.