Great challenges are also great opportunities to unite people. They inspire us to transform our society to make a better world. Meet our wonderful team of ambassadors who are helping us to reach women everywhere to get involved.

Veena Sahajwalla

Associate Dean (Strategic Industry Relations) Faculty of Science, UNSW

“Positive and proactive and passionate describes this campaign for me. It will make a real difference! We can do it!”

Laura Wells

Australian model

Our Reef ambassador: "As individuals we must be aware of how our actions and decisions impact the reef and other marine ecosystems. We have no second chances. We must act now to ensure our children’s children have the opportunity to marvel at the unparalleled beauty the Great Barrier Reef offers."

Grace Liley

Head of Partnerships and Campaigns

Grace has been involved in campaigns working to solve the climate crisis for the last five years. When not volunteering or working on climate things, she likes walking around art galleries by herself, hiking to the tops of mountains, and googling how to keep her plants alive. She is also fluent in internet speak.

Margaret Fulton

Food and Cooking Guru

6 October 1924 – 24 July 2019. A true legend and amazing 1MW ambassador. “Every woman wants to do what she can for her children’s future. You’re never too small to make a difference.”

Tessa Marano


Having a love for writing and a passion for environmental sustainability, Tessa spends a lot of her time discovering creative ways to reduce her own CO2 footprint. In her spare time she loves to cook, make and alter clothes and laze in the sun at the beach.

Sam Mostyn

Non-executive Director and Sustainability Adviser & Speaker

Sam Mostyn was 1MW board chair for 5 years and we love her for that. She is a company director and sustainability adviser and speaker. Trained as a lawyer, she has also led teams creating sustainability strategies and programs, incorporating responsible principles into core business practices.

Katie Noonan

Singer Songwriter

“Since becoming a mother I have thought more and more about wanting to help create a beautiful safe world for my precious children. The only way to do this is to make a change in your own world.”

Rachel Perkins

Filmmaker, Blackfella Films

“Ghandi said something like; ‘Be the change you want in the world’. He is right, we all need to take significant personal action to make change a reality.”

Riley McAuliffe

Environmental Engineer

“I am a young Australian woman, an environmental engineering graduate, a problem solver and I care about climate change.”

Bronte Hogarth

Digital Strategy and Communications

Beautiful Bronte, daughter of 1MW Founder Natalie Isaacs is a shining light who worked for 1MW for many years as our Digital specialist. She started her own skincare brand Raise the Bar. Raise The Bar is on a mission to help stop used coffee grounds from going to waste in Australia by taking perfectly good used coffee grounds from cafes and transform them into natural skincare products with zero plastic packaging that make your skin look and feel amazing!

Wendy Mathews


I'm the voice for climate action and hope.

Katrina Rathie

Partner, King & Wood Mallesons

“If we are able to appeal to the women of Australia to each do at least one thing each day for the environment, we will collectively help make the world a better place for our children and our children’s children.”

Noni Hazlehurst

Award-winning actress

"One by one we need to speak up. Don’t ever think that one woman can’t make a difference. If enough individuals say and do the same thing they become."

Layne Beachley

7 times World surfing champion

Our Reef ambassador: “I’ve lived in the water my whole life. I love the ocean and I love nature and I don’t like what we’re doing to it. We need to accept responsibility and responsibility and make changes… and we’re running out of time.”

Melinda Schneider

Country Recording Artist

“I’m proud that my song Courageous is the 1MW anthem as it’s about women being strong and committed and that’s a powerful force to be reckoned with.”

Penny Wong

South Australian Senator

“All Australians need to do their fair share if we are to combat climate change…I welcome this campaign as it will inspire women to factor climate change into their everyday decisions.”

Julie Goodwin

Winner, MasterChef Australia

Australia’s first MasterChef, Julie is a mum, wife, cook, singer and public speaker, the epitome of a busy Australian Mum.

Ursula Yovich

Singer Songwriter

With the power to be powerful, believing we can make it better

Michelle Grosvenor

Co-founder of Climate Coolers

Michelle is a mother of three and a blueberry farmer in Southern Tasmania. Michelle has an extensive background in environmental campaigning and has also been an entrepreneur in sustainability-focused small businesses.

Kim McKay AO


“In the 20 years that I've been involved in generating environmental awareness and action campaigns, I've seen first-hand the difference individuals can make. When we come together as a group we can do so much more!”

Samah Hadid

Campaigner. Commentator

“I support 1MW because women have always led the way to positive social and environmental change and 1MW represents how we all can make a difference on an individual, community and societal level.”

Eva Davis-Boermans

Former Events & Partnerships Coordinator

Eva is a content creator, and has now taken on the role as our fabulous events coordinator. She is obsessed with camper-vans and loves taking off on solo road-trips. She can often be found trawling the beach for rubbish, hunting in op shops or surfing.

Liane Rossler

Artist, designer and curator

Liane Rossler is a central figure within Australia’s arts and design sector. A passionate spokesperson and ambassador for key issues related to the environment.

Lola Berry

Leading Australian Nutritionist

Our Reef ambassador: "The Great Barrier Reef is pretty magical, if we want to keep it that way we need to fight for the Reef."

Social Media Intern

Maria Juchov

A passionate sustainability greenie, Maria is often found talking about reducing waste and making individual impact. She loves brunch and gardening with her dog.

Isabella Pham


Isabella has been an eco-activist ever since she was put in charge of emptying out the garbage bins every night, realising just how much waste she was producing. When she's not trying out new vegan recipes with her friends, you can find her surfing YouTube or reading a philosophical book.

Robyn Lawley

Australian model

Our Reef ambassador: "The thought of the beautiful and majestic Reef no longer there because of human greed is almost too much to bear".

Bec Woods

Australian professional surfer

Our Reef ambassador: "I'm declaring the Reef in danger. Destroy the Reef... Destroy the ocean... Destroy humanity!!"

Dr Sylvia Earle

National Geographic Explorer

Our Reef ambassador: "Watch the Reef die - or give it life. Use your power to save it while there is still time!"

Louise Fulton Keats

Food and nutrition writer

Our My Nana Says ambassador: “Grandma always taught me no matter what’s in the house you can always make puttanesca pasta which is so simple it's just tomato, garlic, capers and olives and it’s a fabulous meal.”

Rachel Ward

Actress and Director

Our Reef Ambassador: "If we can't save our most precious World Heritage Listed sites, we might as well sell everything to the highest bidder and stop pretending we care who inherits our country."

Anna Fienberg


“I have been concerned about the future of our earth and wanting to contribute in some way, not knowing how – this campaign united my wish to conserve our planet with my desire to combine my voice with other women.”

Steph Newman

Former Social Media Assistant

Steph is a university student studying anthropology and sociology. A newly converted vegetarian, Steph spends her weekends doing DIY and looking after her veggie patch.

Bindi Donnelly

Former Head of Digital

A water baby who loves being outdoors, Bindi is the queen of pop culture and claims to have seen most of the internet.

Claudia Ware


Claudia is a book loving, coffee drinking actor with a passion for environmental sustainability. She can usually be found walking the aisles of local libraries and staring at photos of her two adorable nephews.

Stephanie Rice

Australian swimmer and Olympic medalist

Our Reef ambassador: "I've been so fortunate to swim in the gorgeous Reef, it's important we protect it for future generations to enjoy."

Abigail Bideaux

Former Social Media Intern

Abbie is a university student on an abroad program studying environmental action and sustainability. Back at home, she enjoys long runs on the beautiful forested trails of upstate New York.

Samantha Mabbott

Social Media assistant

Sam is a Media and Design student, with a love for native flora and fauna is lucky to live on a bushland block. A special knack for finding second-hand treasures, Sam's always seen wearing her latest market finds, while her house resembles an antique museum.

Nat Segal

Professional Big Mountain skier

Our Reef ambassador: "We have one Earth, one Reef, and not much time to save it! As a good friend of mine says... 'If we cut down all the trees and pollute all the waters, what will we be leaving for our sons and daughters?'"

Anna Gregory

Volunteer and Guest Writer

Anna grew up on a bushland property and lived without mains electricity for the first 12 years of her life. She is a keen gardener, worm-farmer, and jewellery-maker.

Social Media Intern

Maria Nguyen

Maria is a university student who is studying to become a primary teacher. Maria likes to think of ways to teach kids about how they can help prevent climate change. In her spare time, she loves to up-cycle and sew clothes, practise martial arts and read books and blog about sustainable fashion.

Caitlin Stasey

Australian actress

Our My Nana Says ambassador: "Cook in large amounts and freeze in single serves (or family size) in oven proof/microwave safe containers e.g. soups, stews, spaghetti bolognese, and ratatouille!"

Harriet Spark

Former Social Media Coordinator

A diver instructor, and self-proclaimed mermaid, when she isn't blowing bubbles, Harriet's campaigning for our underwater world.

Ellyce Crabb

Office Assistant Volunteer

Ellyce is a Masters student with a passion for environmental justice. When she can get away from the daily grind, you'll find her running around a netball court or exploring a hidden waterhole in the mountains.

Anthea Batsakis

Guest Writer, Former Social Media Intern

Anthea is a Melbournian writer with a penchant for caffeine, cake, and the outdoors. Her passion for travel motivates her to explore the environmental issues around the world.

Nathalie Laurence

Guest Writer

Nathalie Laurence works for a land and sea management organisation based in Darwin. You can find more of her writing and photography on her blog.

Bella Lamshed

Social Media Intern

Bella is a Communications and International Studies student and a part-time fairy – no really, she’s a fairy at children’s parties. When she’s not studying or fairy-ing, she’s watching suits or eating chocolate, sometimes a combination of both.

Paulin Wagner

Office Assistant

Paulin is our super efficient Office Assistant. Always willing to help, Paulin is originally from Germany and she loves cooking, listening to music and spending time enjoying the outdoors!

Maeve Dermody

Australian actress

Our Reef ambassador: "We'd be delusional to think that the destruction of the Reef, or even a slight tampering with its exquisite workings would have no impact on the lives of many creatures, including our own. Why don't we broaden our perspective, and choose, right now, not to be delusional?"

Allyson Jennings

Guest Writer

Allyson is a devoted activist for the environment. With her passion for earth sciences, she likes to help connect others to the beauty of nature. She also likes photography and travel.

Maddie Burkitt

Social Media Intern

Maddie is a Communications and Spanish Language University student, nature-lover and creative-pursuits dabbler. Maddie loves making yummy, healthy food, and dreaming about her next overseas adventure. You’ll probably catch Maddie spending way too much time on Pinterest, or browsing the entire Internet for dog-related content.

Erin Rhoads

Zero Waster

Erin is a tree loving, city living lady that loves to write about her adventures in plastic free and zero waste living on her blog 'The Rogue Ginger'. When she is not writing you can find Erin riding her bike around Melbourne.

Hannah Jane Lawrence

Volunteer and Guest writer

Having just arrived in Australia from London, Hannah joined our team as a volunteer and guest writer! She works in the PR and Communications industry and wants to lower her personal carbon footprint and empower others to fight climate change.

Olivia Cook

Youth Program Coordinator

Liv is engaging, passionate and a natural communicator, which is why she is running our 1 Million Women Youth program with great success. Her smile is infectious and she lights up a room.

Kaylee Rankin

Social Media Intern

Studying fine arts at UNSW and trying her best to be an environmental warrior!

Chelsea Wittleton

Social Media Intern

Chelsea is a lover of tea, laughs and farmers markets. If you don't find her scrolling the Internet for the latest inspiration, you'll probably find her petting the neighbourhood cats.

Amy Molloy

Journalist and author

Our Reef ambassador: "No man-made landscape has ever taken my breath away. The Reef is a natural miracle. That's what we're fighting to save."

Angel Nguyen

Guest Writer

A journalism student who dreams of becoming a DJ in the city of love. Always one to multitask, she hopes to save the world while also managing to feed her fish Vinnie on time.

Emily Chantler

Guest Writer

A final year Journalism and International Relations student who has just made the move to Melbourne. I like to read, draw (at least try to), bake (again, at least try to) and explore my new city. I am passionate about empowering women and am hopeful for more definite action on climate change.

Ariana Boydell

Guest Writer

A passionate health foodie, Mason Jar hoarder and vegetable scrap saver. You can find Ariana experimenting with new recipes and scoping out all the vegan spots in Sydney to eat at.

Cybele McNeil

Guest Writer

Cybele is a freelance writer living on the north coast of New South Wales. She comes from a background in social science research and is passionate about social and environmental justice.

Michelle Ng

Social Media Intern

Aspiring writer, hopeful world explorer and full-time beach bummer. Religiously chronicles her fitness and healthy eating journey on her Instagram @michellengzy, much to her friends’ amusement.

Sarah Ocenasek

Guest Writer

Sarah is a vibrant and passionate environmental warrior who grew up in Adelaide and now splits her time between sunny Sydney and even sunnier Southern California, spreading the sustainability vibes whereever she goes.

Helen Wei

Former Sydney girls High Student

“Climate change is one of those things which isn’t glaringly obvious to those who don’t know it’s there. But for the growing majority, it’s something that matters and something that needs change.”

Amanda Mahaffey

Guest Writer

Amanda is a hopeful and outdoorsy green tea fanatic. Her current college major- Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (with a focus on International Development)- has contributed to her passion for rock climbing, waste divergence and solar panels around the globe.

Anika Molesworth

Guest Writer

Anika Molesworth is a climate conscious farmer in outback NSW. She promotes climate change adaption and mitigation strategies through her website Climate Wise Agriculture and related social network pages. She is also keenly interested in natural and built heritage conservation on farming properties and manages INTO Sustainable Farms.

Ayla Wilton

Grassroots Leadership coordinator

With her passion and dedication, Ayla can inspire anyone to make a difference. She loves a lot of things including swimming in the ocean, building furniture out of old pallets and drinking green smoothies. She is also one of the most positive people we’ve ever met!

Susie Fraser

Guest Writer

Susie is an artist and art teacher based in Sydney. Loves nothing more than swimming in the ocean, exploring new places and long chats over cups of tea.

Emma Hart

Guest Writer

Emma is a Freelance Campaigns Consultant with a focus on Non-Profits and environmental causes. When she isn’t behind the desk, she’s either teaching yoga or enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer.

Melanie Vallejo

Australian actress

Our My Nana Says ambassador: "From big backyards to tiny apartments, seedlings are cheap to buy and easy to grow with huge rewards – fresh herbs at your fingertips with no waste!"

Caroline Pidcock

Director, PIDCOCK Architecture + Sustainability

“I have been interested in and greatly rewarded by exploring how the many issues that are fundamental to sustainability can be potent and profound influences on the development of my architecture and my life.”

Anna Magnus

Event and Partnerships Consultant

Everyone has a role to play in responding to this climate emergency and how we live is key to the solution. I've been part of 1MW from day one and passionate about women being the leaders of change

Donna Wilkins

Former CEO, CWA of NSW

Country Women’s Association of New South Wales are involved in the campaign in order that rural women have the opportunity to be involved in such an important initiative.

Sheena Polese

Development & Leadership Coach

Sheena holds vast experience in the commercial and management space across Communications, Sustainability, Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Operations. She also keenly supports women in management and women in business.

Rebecca McGrath

Director Goodman Group, Director CSR Limited

“The 1 Million Women campaign is a fantastic opportunity for women to champion, influence and make change in their world. I am delighted to be an Ambassador, to be a change agent and lead by example.”

Belinda Bean

Sustainability Support Officer, Macquarie University

“There is something awe-inspiring about a group of people striving towards a common goal. Women have the passion, power and understanding to lead change towards sustainability, but we need a collective effort!”

Lish Fejer

'Green It Yourself' Guru

“What I like to get done are green DIY jobs. I’m not the handiest tool in the shed but there is something intensely satisfying about it… My aim is to get 1 million women into the shed and doing a bit of GIY”

Anna Rose

Author, activist and environmentalist

Our My Nana Says ambassador: "All my life I’ve had a garden to grow vegetables, and it’s something I’ve passed on to my children and grandchildren. It’s healthier, means less energy is wasted transporting food, and the kids like playing in the garden.” – Anna Rose’s Nanna.

Justine Schofield

Chef and TV personality

Our My Nana Says ambassador: “Meme would be the master of leftovers. She also would never throw anything. From using vegetables peels to make stocks to older root vegetables & secondary meat cuts to form beautiful family stews.”

Rebecca Sullivan

Creator of Dirty Girl Kitchen

Our My Nana Says ambassador: "My favourite nana tip is to take any leftover herbs and pick them then put them into ice cube trays and top the tray up with olive oil. Then when your ready to cook something just pop out a cube of oil and it has some lovely herbs in it too."

Teyah Miller


Teyah is a believer in youth-led movements on climate change action. "It's important that young people are getting involved,because, really, we're going to be the ones left over when the world's falling apart. There's always more we can do."

Ovini Sellapperuma

Criminology Student, president of Hills Rotaract

"We all need to be passionate about proactive action to address climate change in our everyday lives. It's a real issue that is affecting us NOW."

Eav Brennan

Past Guest Writer

"I’m a Sydney-raised, Antarctic and Environmental Science student. I’m a typical water baby: I love to surf, dive and do all sports aquatic, with a passion for marine conservation."

Shannyn Warren

Past Staff Writing Intern

Shannyn is a 23-year-old Sydneysider. She loves animals, travelling and yoga. She hopes to write to inspire others to make a positive difference in our beautiful world.

Bronte McGarrah

Social Media Correspondent

Brontë joined us from the US in April for an internship focused on social media outreach. She enjoys hiking and singing and is very excited to be part of our team!

Shea Hogarth

International Correspondent

Shea is a passionate and determined writer. Fast and efficient, Shea also keeps everyone laughing with her great sense of humour. She love octopuses (or is it octopi?) and photography.

Amy McClelland

Website and Social Media coordinator

Originally from the South Coast, Amy has a passion for writing, loves to cook, and in her spare time is a Jazz and Blues singer.

Barbara Dick

Past Head of Operations

With her calm and amazing organisational skills, Babs keeps everyone in sync and everything running smoothly. She lives and breathes sustainability and loves to-do lists, scuba diving, wildlife watching and acroyoga.

Saida Vdauweraert

Guest Writer (Youth)

I'm a 16-year-old pianist/high schooler living in Brussels, Belgium and I'm planning on studying sustainability and environmental studies next year at university.

Murray Hogarth

Environmental Consultant and director, the 3rd degree

Murray is a business environmentalist and director of the 3rd degree consultancy. A former Environment Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, Murray is a longtime speaker, writer and media commentator on climate and sustainability issues.

Holly Royce

Web and Social Media Expert

I want to lead climate action for my generation.

Kathleen Richardson

Project Volunteer

Kathleen is passionate about sustainable living & mindful consumption. In her free time you’ll find her daydreaming about future travel plans, seeking out foodie havens or in the yoga studio attempting
to master the headstand pose.

Jacqui Fetchet

COP21 Youth Delegate

Jacqui is passionate about creating a more sustainable and equitable world with the inspiring people that surround her. She loves observing and writing about life as it happens.

Paloma Brierley Newton

Former Content Creator

Paloma is a content creator having spent far too much time at university she now spends all her time on computers fighting for social change. Paloma also has a secret passion for native Australian plants and being as local to her environment as possible.

Hannah Steele


Hannah is at university studying media and communications. She grew up in a city but dreams of living somewhere where she can see the stars. Hannah loves spicy foods and visiting the beach.

Paula Broom


Paula Broom is a visual artist and street photographer who lives in Sydney with her husband, two teenaged children and a labrador called Douggie.

Courtney Hardwick


Courtney is studying marketing at TAFE and loves op shopping, horror movies and reading. She wants to go to Iceland one day and has played the flute for 8 years.

Florence Falkiner


Florence is from the country in Central NSW and is studying Media and Communications. She loves dancing, swimming and reading and is passionate about the environment, whales and puppies.

Tess Baldwin

Former Intern

Tess is from Canada and has spent her life dreaming of living near the beach. She is passionate about her vegan lifestyle and reckons she could eat only mangoes for the rest of her life.

Julie Hill

Non-executive director and former CEO

Julie Hill has been Chair of the Sustainability Committee of the main board of Lend Lease. She has a passion for a greener and more sustainable built environment. She has long been an advocate for women’s equality in all fields of endeavour.

Tracey Steggall

Founder and Director, The Horizon Foundation

Tracey Steggall is a seasoned leader in the business and not for profit sectors. She founded The Horizon Foundation in 2004. Tracey supports great people and organisations to achieve outstanding, sustainable results.

Jemma Green

Research Fellow, Curtin University

Jemma has a particular interest in sustainable economics, and her doctoral research is focused on transport, renewable energy, storage, and prefabricated buildings. Jemma has made hundreds of appearances as a commentator on transport, energy and sustainable economics.

Louise O'Halloran

Responsible Investment Specialist

Lou has 15 years’ experience across a range of practice areas – from wealth advice, banking, superannuation and funds management to impact and community investing, philanthropy and renewable energy.

Maria Atkinson

Director, Maria Atkinson Consultancy Pty Ltd

Maria Atkinson is a sustainability strategist, an angel investor with particular focus on impact investments and a company director. Maria has a BAppSc in Environmental Biology and she is a Graduate of the Wharton Executive Programme.

Tammy Fry Kelly

Director of Fry's & Meat Free Mondays Australia & South Africa

Tammy is a passionate advocate for plant-based nutrition and cruelty-free foods. Her over-a-decade experience at the helm of marketing at Fry’s is guided by nutritional expertise, a love of fitness, love of the environment and outdoor lifestyle.

Romilly Madew

Chief Executive, Green Building Council of Australia

Romilly leads Australia’s peak industry association responsible for creating sustainable buildings and communities. Romilly is known both nationally and internationally as an experienced green building, sustainable communities and cities advocate.

Dr Dana Cordell

Co-founder, Global Phosphorus Research Initiative

As a global food security expert, Dr Cordell leads and undertakes international and national research projects on sustainable food and resource futures. Her research contributions have led to numerous prestigious recognitions including one of Australia's top science prize, the Eureka Prize for Environmental Research (2012) and a position in the 100 Women of Influence (AFR/Westpac, 2013) and Top 100 Most Influential People (Sydney Magazine, 2012).

Laura Whitford

Director of Development Policy and Partnerships, Asia Pacific – The Nature Conservancy

Laura is passionate about working at the intersection of environment, sustainable development and women’s empowerment. She has worked on international environment and climate change issues in Asia Pacific for over ten years, and has graduate degrees in Environmental Management and Development, Communication, and Psychology. In her role as Director of Development Policy and Partnerships, Asia Pacific at The Nature Conservancy, she co-leads the organisation’s ‘Women In Nature’ Gender and Conservation strategy, and recently co-founded the Women Leaders’ Forum of the six country Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security.

Rhiannon Verschuer


Francesca Arciuli

Past Intern

Francesca is a communications and law graduate who loves talking about waste, feminism and politics (AND doing so at dinner parties!). When she is not interning, you’ll probably find her at the local library or the beach.

Margot McNeill


Dr. Margot McNeill is Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Learning & Teaching at International College of Management, Sydney. Committed to lifelong learning, her 30-year career in education spans school, vocational and higher education sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

Emily Contador-Kelsall

Head of Social Media

Emily is our amazing Head of Social Media. She loves nothing more than spending a day with her camera in hand or going along to photograph a climate rally. With a degree in journalism and international studies she can often be found plugged into a current affairs podcast or shopping around to score the perfect op shop find!

Brendan Hancock

Content Creator

Brendan is a writer and graphic designer who is new to the 1 Million Women family. Brendan is interested in sustainability and creative ways we can all tackle climate change in our everyday lives. When not writing, Brendan can be found occasionally doing stand-up comedy, playing water polo or trying to find the best negroni.

Michaella Tazreiter

Marketplace Coordinator

After working in retail for a few years and seeing how much waste the industry produced, Michaella went in search of a more sustainable way to live, both at home and at work. In her spare time, she loves to find new skills to learn that will help reduce her impact on the planet.

Linda Hoang


Linda believes that humans and nature are deeply connected and is determined to live in a way that reflects this. She loves ocean swims, practising her Spanish, and taking photos of new places.

Michelle Kaldy

Content Creator

Michelle has always seen life through a camera lens. She is passionate in documenting true stories and events. She began her involvement in climate change and action after travelling with the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners in 2019 and continued to use her photography to highlight the environmental effects after the bushfires. On her day off, she can be found outside in her urban garden reading fantasy novels or blogging. She is also working her way to her Master's in Documentary Filmmaking.