How is 1 Million Women funded and where does the money go?

1 Million Women is an environmental charity under Australian Law with full DGR status.

What does 1 Million Women do with donations?

The heartbeat of 1 Million Women is to empower and educate women and girls around the world on how they can live climate action, use their voice, vote and influence. And the biggest, most impactful way we do this is through our digital platforms, many campaigns and events. Across our 1MW App, blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we have over a million followers and reach millions of people each month.

Our research into profound behavour change and creation of content - videos, images, campaigns, blogs, emails, events, our app, our Founder Natalie Isaacs' speaking engagements and interviews, all take time to plan, curate, create, edit and publish. We have a small but dedicated and passionate team who work hard to not only give our community the tools they need to tackle climate change and the inspiration to do so, but also to grow our community - so we can grow our impact! Developing the essential tools needed, building our campaigns, running our organisation day to day and paying our team for the work they do, is where the money 1 Million Women raises goes.

How is 1 Million Women funded?

1 Million Women receive funding in a few different ways. We are privileged to have an amazing community who donate to 1 Million Women and support our work. Our dream is to one day be fully funded by the community. However we do not receive enough donations this way to be able to function fully within our community. We also receive funding from government grants, larger donors/ philanthropists, through partnerships with companies and brands and via affiliate links that allow us to continue our work.

1 Million Women only partners with companies or brands who align with our values and are committed to making the world a better place. We believe that brands and companies can play a big role in helping us build a better future and we're proud to be able to combine forces and work together. Our partnerships typically involved creating images, videos, blogs or campaigns around the company or a relevant subject. For example, we partnered with a bank and superfund to create a campaign around divesting from fossil fuels.

1 Million Women also receive a small amount of money occasionally via affiliate links we post in a blog. When we write about a product, for example period underwear, we might mention a specific brand (one we love and believe in of course) and include a link to purchase their product. If someone then buys a product from them via that link, we receive a small commission. Not all brand blogs include affiliate links. If they do, we flag it.

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