[Watch] How did climate science become a matter of opinion?

The interesting thing with mainstream climate science - and the conclusion that global warming is not only happening, it's happening because of mankind - is that for climate change doubters, this is merely an opinion, not fact.

So how did this mass delusion defy the peer reviewed science to plant a seed of doubt in the mind of millions? Surprisingly, it has a lot to do with Big Tobacco.

This video, released as part of the Climate Reality Project, shows us how they managed to do it. Press play.

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1 Million Women's campaign for Paris is 'You're The Voice'

With a vibe of hope building that the nations of the world will agree on a breakthrough climate change treaty in Paris this December at the UN Climate Conference (COP21), we have an opportunity to influence world leaders in making decisions that will safeguard the world for future generations.

To do this, we've recorded a cover and music video of a much-loved Australian song, turning 'You're the Voice' into a powerful anthem from women for climate action and hope.

Using the power of music, we want to inspire every woman, man or child to ADD THEIR VOICE - #IMTHEVOICE - to our anthem and form a united call to world leaders for strong action on climate change. No matter who you are, you can add your voice!

Will you support our anthem launch? It's as easy as clicking a button.

With your help, it will capture the attention of governments and stand as a clear call for climate action and hope.

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