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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Climate Change

You pop your plastics in the recycling and run the washing machine on cold – chances are you’re pretty confident chatting climate change. But beyond your own CO2, did you know these five ways climate change affects the world?


The White House and the Blue Planet

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce the 2016 United States of America President-elect, Donald John Trump, Sr; a figure of despair for not only women and immigrants, the LGBT community and people of colour, but also Mother Earth herself.


Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just The Unratified Paris Treaty?

Has the Paris Treaty brought us any closer to real action on climate change?


Election 2016: Why has climate change disappeared from the Australian election radar?

It is looking ever-more likely that climate change is to be placed way down the order of business – at least for the major parties.


Election 2016: do we need to re-establish a department of climate change?

John Howard established Australia’s first standalone climate agency in 1998, the Australian Greenhouse Office. Six years later, it had been merged into the then Department of the Environment and Heritage. Is it time to bring it back to life?


Australia sinks on 'most credible' environmental index in the world

The 2016 Yale Environmental Performance index shows a decline in Australia's environmental performance.


Climate-Displaced Persons Deserve A Dignified Transition. Here's How To Make it Happen.

As distasteful as it might be to some, the designation “climate refugee” is key to ensuring a planned, orderly transition for the millions facing displacement in the decades ahead.


[Watch] Naomi Klein: Capitalism and the Climate

Last year political activist and author Naomi Klein took to the stage for The Festival of Dangerous Ideas. It's a must watch.


We’ve got a climate goal of 1.5 degrees – so how do we get there?

How will the world actually deliver on the Paris climate ambition to hold global warming to no more than 1.5℃? It's a tough scientific and technical challenge.