Latest Seasonal produce posts


Zero Waste Orange Cake

Citrus is in season at the moment. Make the most of zesty fruit with this recipe that uses the whole thing, skins and all!


Diego Bonetto: sharing the lost art of weed foraging

Meet Diego Bonetto, a man passionate about edible weeds


Best vegetarian recipes for every season

Every day is a good day to eat plant-based food!


Chickpea Soup with Rosemary Croutons

Chickpeas are an awesome source of plant-based protein, and are SO DELICIOUS


Seasonal Recipe: Fresh Fennel & Herb Salad

Fennel bulbs come into season in autumn and continue through winter. The pungent aniseed flavour of fennel works brilliantly when it is thinly sliced in salads, It brings a fresh and crunchy texture.


Charred Broccoli and Spring Onions with Roasted Garlic Coconut Cream

Organic, seasonal vegetables and seeds - rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins; cleansing, healing and alkalising. A gorgeous recipe to pull out as the weather cools down.


Grow me now: Baby Spinach

Get to know your seasonal produce with this grow guide for baby spinach


[Recipe] Late Summer Plum Bruschetta

Make the most of this years waning stone fruit season with a gorgeous plum, chilli and ginger bruschetta from the team at Visually Delicious. Divine!


Grow me now: Egyptian Walking Onions

Get to know your seasonal produce with this guide to Egyptian walking onions or tree onions