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Did you know A Woman Was The First To Discover Greenhouse Gas?

Women Are Often Written Out Of History. We Meet Eunice Foote Who Was The First To Discover Greenhouse Gas


The Proof That Climate Change Is Here

The link between the current weather events and climate change is strong and undeniable. Global temperatures are on the rise and setting more and more high temperature records.


Why Quitting Plastic Will Help Stop Climate Change

Plastic is bad and so is climate change. But how exactly are they linked?


How To Be An Activist When You Don't Like The Spotlight

Want to make a difference but don't know how? Here's a list of inspiring activists making a change through the way they live.


8 Powerful Images To Reignite Your Climate Action

Sometimes you fall off the horse, these images will guide you right back on!


Climate Change Is Front And Centre At Rio Olympics

The Rio De Janeiro


How Our Love Of A Coastal Lifestyle Is Impacted By Climate Change

Extreme weather like the storms witnessed in Australia recently are expected to become more frequent. What does this mean for homeowners living by the sea?


New factsheet reveals how Australia’s current environmental targets are in need of improvement

Australia gets a rather embarrassing scorecard


These are the key terms you need to know to understand climate change

With the Paris climate conference just around the corner, it’s time to check that your vocabulary is up to scratch!