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Do you care about global warming? Depending on where you live, you might be in the minority!

How do nations around the world perceive climate change?


Feeding a hungry planet: How has climate change impacted our ability to produce and supply food?

"The challenge of addressing global hunger, while producing enough food for an increasing global population is one of the defining challenges of our time."


[Infographic] What is Paris 2015 all about?

Your guide to the most important climate conference of the century


[WATCH] A diagnosis for Mother Earth: "Your mother is very sick"

Dr Nick Towle delivers the bad news that our planet needs urgent treatment


Ray of Hope: Christiana Figueres

Ray of Hope


Forget oil, politics and religion: Syria's war has a lot to do with climate change

Powerful comic exposes the role of global warming in creating one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the era


Artist Kate Powell on women, climate change and protecting our planet

"Climate change always seemed like a very distant, abstract and alien problem which I naively thought was none of my business"


[Paris 2015]: Will your country be fighting for water by 2040?

World Resources Institute releases list of World’s Most Water-Stressed Countries in 2040


BUSTED! Taking a look at climate change debate myths

When the Australian Government takes on the nation’s experts, the myths just keep getting busted.