5 Inspiring Podcasts to Listen to When You’re Feeling Climate Change Anxiety

Have you found yourself sitting on the train on your way to work and you've been doom scrolling the entire trip? Or maybe you're at the gym and you've been listening to the same playlist on repeat for the past couple of weeks. How about we change the repetition with something encouraging instead. If you've wanted to learn more about climate change or what you can do to support efforts against the climate crisis, we may have something for you.

Here are our top 5 inspirational climate change podcasts sure to get you seeing a light at the end of the climate anxiety tunnel.

1. Outrage and Optimism - Christiana Figueres

Christiana is joined by her two co-hosts Tom Rivett-Carnac and Paul Dickinson and all together they talk about the latest news in science, business, finance politics, and culture. Bringing an optimistic stance to each episode, they insist that the reportage of the climate crisis has been neither engaging nor inspiring. Outrage and Optimism takes the anger and fear out of the news and replaces it with a healthy positive vibe. New episodes are released every Thursday.

2. Heaps Better - Greenpeace

Jess and Ash are on a mission to find out the best ways to help the environment whilst combatting the climate crisis. They team up with Greenpeace to present ideas on the best action we can take from renewable energy to not funding corporations that contribute to climate change and how we can be planet savers instead. Jess and Ash provide us with a guide to turning climate anxiety into climate action.

3. How to Save a Planet - Gimlet

How screwed are we? How to Save a Planet is hosted by journalist Alex Blumberg and scientist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, a podcast asking tough questions about climate change and the climate crisis and what we can do to take action. Each episode features a call to action relevant to the episode topic so you know exactly what to do with the information in the podcast. Witty, fun, and full of great jokes, this one is definitely a go-to for a light-hearted educational listen.

4. As She Rises - Wonder Media Network

Art and poetry have been used for millennia to convey feelings and ideas. As She Rises is a podcast that provides a platform to feature artists and poets who demonstrate works based on how climate change is affecting their communities and homes. Each episode enthralls listeners with new voices, local recordings, and soundscapes. Focusing on the voices of women from minority groups, As She Rises personalizes climate change and delves deep into how this issue affects us all.

5. Timber Wars - OPB

In the 1990s, Pacific Northwestern America, the northern spotted owl becomes the most controversial bird in the US and a symbol for protest. The last of the country's old-growth forests are being cut down and protesters are taking a stand. In what turns into a battle between logging companies, the government, scientists, and environmentalists, this gripping podcast takes you through the events that led to one of the largest environmental conflicts in the country

With these 5 podcasts, we just know you will have plenty of ideas on how you can convert your climate anxiety into action. Don't forget, if you enjoy any of these recommendations, show the producers some love and follow them on wherever you get your podcasts.

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Written by Michelle Kaldy

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