Rediscovering nature through art, gardening and food

This is a guest article from Dominique Roseberry, owner and creator of The Roseberry Food Forest

Since I was very young I would draw, paint, and explore the fascinating natural world around me freely, barefoot and wild, climbing massive banyan trees.

Growing up in south Florida enriched my childhood with lush, tropical, natural ecosystems. From beautiful pristine tropical beaches in the keys, rich with coral and marine life to dense tropical suburban edible gardens and farms, my childhood was definitely one spent mostly outdoors.

My family and I lived a poor but rewarding life. We fished for our food and grew or traded neighbors for a colorful array of local grown fruits and vegetables. Still to this day, deep south Florida is littered with farms and backyards filled to the brim with bananas, mangoes, star fruit, avocado, and so much more. I have fond memories of riding with my mother to Knaus Berry Farm, a local berry farm where I grew up in homestead. I can remember picking my own massive strawberries out of the fields and then chowing down on their unforgettable cinnamon rolls and strawberry smoothies.

20 years later and I swear I can still taste those strawberries!

I am drawn to anything creative, anything that allows me to express myself freely. By capturing the beautiful natural world through my camera, I hope to help re-connect people to nature and to that deep part of themselves that most consider a soul.

How many of us have simply stopped playing outside or exploring forest for insects, going to the beach and swimming in the sea, climbing trees, playing in mud, running around like drunk-on-life lunatics in the rain? How many of us have pushed that special time in our lives to the back of our minds so that we may make room for politics, making money, buying the next best gadget or cell phone or car?

I love to spend my down time in my garden brushing up on my permaculture skills. I love empowering others to also create, garden, go experience live music, and speak freely about important environmental issues facing our generation and generations to come.

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I am also the founder of The Roseberry Food Forest. What will come to be a multi acre permaculture food forest, regenerative farm, educational camp, and intimate performance venue for small private events & festivals. I am currently filming and shooting photography for my crowdfunding campaign.

“My ultimate goal is to build a place that heals the land and the people.”
- - Dominique Roseberry

Once crowdfunding is complete I will purchase agricultural land in south Florida & transform it into a lush, sub- tropical, regenerative, romantic and handicapped-accessible food forest. I will hold educational camps, healing and wellness retreats, permaculture courses, intimate events, concerts and festivals, flow art retreats, art shows, and much, much more! Not only will The Roseberry Food Forest be a multi-acre, carbon-eating permaculture farm, but it will also be a haven for artist and creatives, and all those that are curious or passionate about the regenerative lifestyle.

As more and more of us are drawn to the cities, I feel it is important to preserve a place where nature can thrive and people of all ages and types can come discover or feed that part of themselves that is in awe of the natural world. I want to create a place that gives even the most downtrodden individual, the chance for them to once again marvel at the world.

“Stay wild: don't let the world tame you. Cherish the real you deep inside, and never lose sight of what really matters in this life.”
- Dominique Roseberry

Find out more about the project on The Roseberry Food Forest Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.

All images: Dominique Roseberry

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