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Safe Sex and Sustainability: Here’s How To Have Both!

Being concerned about the environment often extends to every part of your life. It’s easy to start looking at everything through a “green” lens and think “how can I make this better for the environment?”, so why not extend that to your sex life too!


Can We Ever Truly Be Conscious Consumers? Or Is The Very Idea A Contradiction?

Is there such a thing as conscious consumerism - a type of consuming that doesn’t harm the planet or people? Or is the very nature of consumerism damaging? Let’s take a look.


8 Planet-Saving Habits I Picked Up Living In Germany

I’ve been living in Germany for almost two years andI’ve picked up some typical German habits such as a penchant for a crisp wheat beer...But the major area I’ve noticed my habits have changed is when it comes to eco-friendly living.


Fossil Free, Ethical Investments Not Only Survived Covid-19 But Came Out On Top

Money talks, and what it’s been saying louder and louder is that we need to be directing money to industries that will help us create a just, climate-resilient world (like renewable energy).


24 Hours: How To Be Sustainable Every Hour Of The Day

What can we do to reduce our environmental impact at any hour?


Beyond Plastics: The Next Steps Towards Sustainable Living

So you've ditched plastic's BIG 4. Now what?


How Sustainable was the Royal Wedding?

Check out how the biggest wedding of the year stacked up in regards to sustainability.


Here's Proof The Fashion World Is Changing

Consumers are demanding sustainability and businesses are listening.


Sustainable House Day And What It Takes To Make Your Dream Home Happen

A preview of what's to come this Sustainable House Day - get inspired!