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These Inspiring Women Have Engaged In Important Acts of Civil Disobedience For The Environment

Just a few examples of women who have engaged in important acts of civil disobedience for the environment.


Why do environmental activists keep getting murdered in Honduras?

Honduras is the most dangerous place in the world to be an environmental activist


Rediscovering nature through art, gardening and food

"As more and more of us are drawn to the cities, I feel it is important to preserve a place where nature can thrive"


Powerful illustrations of powerful women

Tyler Feder's drawings of popular culture, strong women and inspiring quotes


Meet the Fijian women rebuilding their country

When natural disasters hit, women often get the raw end of the deal, but they are also the most resilient.


[Watch] Incredible poem reveals the impacts of climate change

“A poem on the devastating effects of climate change. A poem for hope.”


1 Million Women: All women are welcome and have a voice

Women of all nationalities, genders, ethnicities, religious backgrounds and walks of life are invited to join in collaborative action on climate change


Student Shana Gallagher is heading to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference on behalf of young people everywhere

“It’s my fight for climate justice....I can make a difference in my community, and the world"


This shelter for women in Tanzania is also environmentally sustainable

Fighting domestic violence and climate change at the same time!