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Yes, the state of the environment is grim, but you can make a difference, right in your own neighbourhood

Here are five things we can think about to improve the state of our city environments, close to home and in our own neighbourhoods!


How 1000 moving images will spur climate action

The petition does not require signatures or words, just photos. It a petition by women and non-binary people to photograph the effects of climate change in their area and share how they feel about it. Drawing from the old adage that 'a picture is worth a 1000 words' the aim ...


4 Simple Steps to Growing a Planet-Strong Community

Some helpful tips to gathering like-minded people and making a difference in your local community.


Homegrown Produce Swaps: One Person's Glut Feeds Another One's Gut

How swapping homegrown produce can benefit you and the environment


Four Ways To Foster Climate Consciousness In Your Community

Get to know your neighbours and do something good for the world!


Meet the Stingray Sisters, three incredible Indigenous women protecting their community from fracking

Meet three Aboriginal women who have taken a stand against fracking in order to protect their land


We need to empower women to use power tools, this is how.

She sheds are the new man cave, a way for women to connect are learn hands on skills


Rediscovering nature through art, gardening and food

"As more and more of us are drawn to the cities, I feel it is important to preserve a place where nature can thrive"


Mother nature and motherhood: Dara Herman Zierlein's powerful artworks

“I am hoping my paintings bring about awareness and change in social and human behaviour.”