The Gorgeous Drawings of Grant Snider Will Inspire You To Appreciate Nature

By day, Grant Snider is a hardworking orthodontist, but when he's not straightening teeth, Grant spends can be found working as an illustrator, cartoonist, and creator of Incidental Comics.

We were lucky enough to ask Grant some questions about his work, and about living a life in harmony with nature.

In your artworks you often depict natural beauty and the natural world. Why is this important for you?

When I was growing up my parents kept a large vegetable garden and small fruit orchard in our backyard. Though I often dreaded the hours of weeding, picking, and planting, it was a great place for playing and exploring. The fresh vegetables and fruit were delicious. Well, except for the stunted carrots and sour apples.

I think having a deep connection to the natural world is important for happiness. It's also a moral obligation. On a more personal level, the outdoors is a great place for introspection. I do some of my best drawing, writing and napping under trees.

What's an environmental issue that you care about?

I think overconsumption of resources driven by excessive consumerism is a pressing issue in wealthy societies worldwide. Climate change and extinction of species are also major concerns. Who could not be moved by the plight of the pangolin?

We believe that everyday people have enormous potential to create positive change, especially when it comes to the environment. What do you think?

Absolutely! Positive change, environmental or otherwise, starts at a personal level and spreads outward.

What is your message to the 1 Million Women community?

Spend more time creating. Spend less of the world's resources. Spend more time outdoors.

You can find more of Grant's amazing work at Incidental Comics, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr

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