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Defining Artivism: Our chat with Sofia Hadjisof from Terra Movement

​How does art come into play in the climate crisis? Can we change the road we are on in climate change? We had a chat with Sofia Hadjisof, about her 'Artivism' movement and how artists can get involved in the fight against climate change.


Can Art Put Us In Touch With Our Feelings About Climate Change?

Perhaps thought-provoking art can help us come to terms with our changing world, by finding new ways to engage, inform and hopefully inspire action.


This Artist Turns Rubbish Into Incredible Street Art

Discarded objects find new life as art supplies thanks to this creative thinker


​New York City Subway Decorated With Images Of Nature

Musician Neil Young and TIDAL are bringing nature into the city!


Artist gets out into nature to reflect on climate change

“We can’t continue to mine the earth’s finite resources without consequence”


Temporary artworks remind us to slow down and enjoy nature

“Ephemeral artworks, created from what is found on the ground and left behind for others to experience”


Mother nature and motherhood: Dara Herman Zierlein's powerful artworks

“I am hoping my paintings bring about awareness and change in social and human behaviour.”


Where to get planet-strong inspiration on Instagram

Our top picks for getting some environmental #inspo


Powerful illustrations of powerful women

Tyler Feder's drawings of popular culture, strong women and inspiring quotes