DIY projects to spruce up your bike

Sometimes I can go months without touching my bike. It's terrible, I know.

When I do go back to find it in a corner of the garage, it's covered in cobwebs and dust and... well you get the idea- it's not very appealing. I'm tempted just to leave it there for longer and forget about it. That's where these DIYs come in handy!

1. Bike Baskets

Bike baskets are right on trend at the moment, and as a result can often cost more than they should... but they're virtually free if you chose to go the DIY route!

There are a tonne of awesome tutorials on Instructables that will guide you through the steps to making your own little basket or box for your bike.

Check out the guides here!

2. Picnic-ready bike basket liner

Picnics and bicycles are awesome! I decided to maximize the space in my bike basket by creating a liner that could also act as a drawstring bag for the inevitable waste that comes at the picnic's end. I came up with a liner with pockets for cutlery and additional holders for napkins and whatever else your heart desires. I ran a ribbon through it so it would be a cinch to pack up at the end. The best part of the project was creating the sunset effect, which I'll show you here. Since all baskets are not created equal, I will explain how I did it to my basket and then you can customise it to yours.

You can find the tutorial here

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3. Crochet Bike Seat Cover

This one is great for keeping your seat cosy in colder weather, plus it's such a unique and personal touch to any bike!

Find the tutorial here

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4. How to paint your bike

What about a new paint job?

This easy tutorial from WikiHow shows us exactly how to paint a bike (a little more involved than I first thought, though definitely worth it!). It's a great fun project to take on with some friends or family over the weekend!

Find the tutorial here

What's your favourite bike DIY? Leave us a comment down below!

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Images: Unsplash

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