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All purpose cleaner DIY recipe to use at home!

This is a simple, all purpose cleaner recipe. There's nothing nasty in it and when you reuse the same spray bottle, you're saving it from landfill too.

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Meet bicarb soda: your new best friend in the shower


8 Unusual Uses For Lemons

When life gives you lemons, use them to cut back on waste!

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Fast Fashion: Is It Fuelled By Our Fast Digital World?

If you were a fashion blogger, would you wear the same outfit more than once?


Don’t Throw Out Your Old Bras! Try These 8 Sustainable Hacks Instead

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6 Ways to Upcycle Milk Containers

Find a new purpose for your milk containers with these inspiring DIY projects


How To Build Your Very Own Self Watering Herb Garden

If you struggle to keep herbs alive, you can find sanctuary in the fact that self watering pots exist, and they're really easy to make.