Disney has created a solar farm shaped as Mickey Mouse because why not

Over the past few decades, as our finite resources dwindle and our prospects of energy production in the future look dim, we've seen some extremely funky forms of renewable energy come about.

Disney, in true Disney fashion, has decided to use the clean energy trend to their brand's advantage, and build a new solar farm in Florida shaped like Mickey Mouse's iconic head.

Image: Nearmap

According to a statement made by Duke Energy Florida, the 20 acre project will consist of 48,000 solar panels and provide power to Walt Disney World and the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The development aims to be completed by spring 2016.

Even if it is a sneaky ploy to make their brand visible from a helicopter, Walt Disney World uses A LOT of power, and the Mickey Mouse solar farm is a fantastic step in creating a greener future through renewable energies.

Image: Nearmap

There are some super funky solar designs around, check out this infographic to see the five coolest solar buildings on earth!

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