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First Nations people must be at the forefront of Australia's renewable energy revolution

Access to clean energy can also help First Nations people protect their culture and heritage, and remain on Country.


How To Get Solar Power As A Renter

As renters we are still able to end our reliance on fossil fuels and swap it for clean energy in our homes!


Aussie Families Embrace ‘Craftivism’ To Call For Sun-Powered Schools, Preschools And Child Cares

Right now, mums (like me), dads, parents and kids across the country are craftily making suns, for a cause.


Reaping the Rewards of the Sun’s Heat: Everything You Need to Know about Car Solar Panels

Making the switch to solar power in our homes is a smart change, but what about on our cars, 4WDs or caravans?


These Are The Most Beautiful Solar Farms In The World

As the world transitions from fossil fuels to clean energy, a new type of innovation has emerged. Here are a few of our favourite solar farm designs.

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8 Of The Fastest Growing Planet-Strong Jobs

Our need to act on climate change has brought about an array of opportunities for the career-minded.


This couple transformed a retro Volkswagen into a DIY solar electric bus

Combining a minimalist lifestyle with their passion for clean energy, Brett and Kira Belen and their kids are travelling the US in their DIY solar electric VW bus.


How PM Malcolm Turnbull can become Australia’s first ‘Solar Head of State’

The international campaign, Solar Head of State, has the aim to turn ‘world leaders into green leaders’ by putting solar PV on their rooftops.


How to Use Your Tax Refund for Good

Learn a sustainable skill, make the move to solar, or try our other options for using your tax return for good!