Top Tips To Be A Frugal Babe - Less Stuff, Less Waste, More Money, More Gratitude

Living more frugally will save you money, it's better for the planet and you will appreciate the things you have more.

Who said living an environmentally conscious lifestyle had to be expensive? Not if you do it the frugal way!

Today there are many ecologically sound choices you can make which wont break the bank, and in fact, countless sustainable living ideas that aren't just less expensive, but will actually save you money over time.

Living frugally is about making more conscious decisions everyday, and making do with less.

What will you get out of it?

Most probably more happiness, and a true appreciation of the things you have.

Less stuff and less waste equals more money and more gratitude! Seems like conscious and frugal living is a no-brainer to me.

Here are our best frugal living tips..

  • Look for used first: If you really need something (not just want it) always look for used first. It will save you money, and has a lower carbon footprint than buying new. Ask your family and friends if they have what you need and if they would give/sell it to you, head to second hand shops or hit the garage sales. Another thing you can do is jump on TuShare and join the 1MW sharing group. TuShare is a place to share things you no longer need and in return you can find heaps of useful items for free or just the cost of postage.
  • Recycle: This one is simple! Recycle at home or while away to avoid wasting resources and money. Recycling is better for the planet as it stops things from ending up in landfill.
  • Adopt a minimalist wardrobe or a recycled one: Plain colours and smart casual pieces - the result is that everything goes with everything which means you will have countless outfit options. Make sure you have staples like blue or black jeans, a neutral coloured skirt, black dress, white/navy/black t-shirt, denim shorts e.t.c. Another way to be frugal is to buy second hand clothing, or upcycle the clothing you have into new pieces.
  • Don't shop: If you really need to buy something new, the trick is to know exactly what you need in the shopping centre and get in and out, quickly! Many purchases happen when people don't really need anything because they stay around perusing the shopping mall. Remember living frugally is about reducing what you buy and always asking: Do I really need this?
  • Eat out less: You can save a lot of money by making use of your kitchen. Eating out can be wasteful, especially if you go for takeaway food which comes in wasteful packaging or plastic bags. Eating in means saving money and cutting waste, and if you really want to get frugal then try planning your meals for the week.
  • Eat less meat: The livestock industry is a big contributor to global warming causing climate change. Meat is also more expensive then vegetables. For regular meat eaters, try cutting out 1 red meat meal each week and substituting it for a vegetarian one.
  • Stay healthy: Keep fit, eat well, and do things you love to combat stress. Getting sick can become expensive after visiting doctors or hospitals. Stay healthy by leading a sustainable life on the inside and out.
  • Commute by bike or walking: Getting around by foot, or on your bike, are definitely the most frugal and environmentally friendly modes of transport. We understand it's not possible for everybody everyday, but try to make goals to have at least 1 car-free day a week (or more). If you walk or ride to work, try to find a route that you love doing everyday. Perhaps you pass through some quiet backstreets with overhanging trees, or maybe you go past the beach. This will add more enjoyability to your day and you will appreciate the journey more.
  • Carpool or ride public transport: Avoid driving solo! 1. Because driving by yourself is boring. 2. Carpooling is a way to save money on fuel. Plus, less cars on the road means less pollution. Organise with your workmates to take turns carpooling, or with your friends when going out together. Or, ride public transport. Catching public transport gives you more time to do things like read a book, catch up on the news on your smartphone, finish off an assignment for university (I know I've used bus time for this before!). Public transport is cheaper, better for the environment and means you never have to stress about finding a park.
  • Batch your errands: Save time and energy by running errands all at once. Set a block of time to do everything, if you are using a car it will mean less pollution than doing multiple trips on different days and will save you fuel.

Follow these steps and your wallet plus the enviroment will thank you for it!

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