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Falling In Love Is Saying Enough

How we can be content with our wardrobes as they are.

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How To Turn Your Closet Into A Capsule Wardrobe

Reducing your clothing footprint doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style.


8 TED Talks For The Aspiring Minimalist

These TED talks are sure to inspire you to buy less, stress less and live more.


5 Lessons On “Enough” Learned From Minimalism

At the very core of minimalism is the idea of embracing “enough”: figuring out what is truly important and useful, and letting go of the rest.


How to better manage home storage

How much stuff do you really need, and where can you efficiently store it?

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What three months of travelling taught me about minimalist living

Learning to fit your life into a backpack is a lesson in sustainable living


7 simple tips for minimalist living

Over the last five years or so I’ve become very passionate about home design and really fascinated by minimalism. This is what i've learnt.

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Love that doesn’t cost the Earth: How to spread love and receive it back this Valentine’s Day

Whilst it’s wonderful that we have a day to celebrate all things romance, Valentine’s Day has a not-so-nice side which is difficult to look past. But don’t despair- We’ve looked into it, and it’s definitely not all bad news! Here are some planet and budget friendly ways you can spread ...


Family sells everything to spend the year in a bus

(and they visited some great places along the way)