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We can all be Recycling Heroes!

Recycling “properly” (and diverting valuable material from landfill) can be deeply rewarding.This Friday is Global Recycling Day and the theme is #Recycling Heroes, so I wanted to share with you how you can up your ‘recycling game’ and enjoy the deep satisfaction of finding a purpose for all your unwanted ...


How To Buy The Right Shoes, Mend Them And Make Them Last Longer

Shoes are pretty essential, we’re stuck with them. The problem is… the planet is stuck with them too.

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The Best Ways To Give Your Skincare Packaging A Second life

Here’s what to do with all that empty skincare packaging.


This campaign aims to stop millions of plastic bottles entering Cambodia's landfills

With many businesses reliant on plastic water bottles for their customers, the tourism industry plays a significant role in the amount of plastic currently flooding Cambodia's landfills. Enter, The ReFill Not Landfill campaign.


Two women save thousands of lives and divert waste from landfill

Have you ever wondered what happens to large pieces of medical equipment when a hospital or clinic upgrades? Two Sydney women are on a mission to ensure these valuable resources do not end up at the tip.


How To: Upcycle plastic shopping Bags

Make the switch to reusable shopping bags and then upcycle your old plastic bags into these useful projects.


Creative Ways To Upcycle A Picture Frame

Reduce your landfill contribution by upcycling old picture frames into key holders, blackboards and more!


​6 MORE ways to REUSE your tea grounds/bags

When one bag doesn't equal one cup of tea.


How you can use coconut oil for almost anything.

Coconut oil is one of those great products that you can use for almost anything. Check out what we came up with!