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What’s PEP 11 And Why You Should Care About It (Especially If You’re In Australia)

Haven’t heard about PEP 11? I don’t blame you - despite being a big deal, it seems to have somehow evaded widespread news coverage


Ten ‘Stealth Microplastics’ To Avoid If You Want To Save The Ocean

Government legislation on plastic consumption, even if adopted worldwide, wouldn’t actually wipe out “microplastics” in the environment. Microplastics are hidden in many places - here's where to find them.


What Is Causing Florida's Algae Crisis? Five Questions Answered.

Two large-scale algae outbreaks in Florida are killing marine life and threatening public health. So what's causing it?


Your Drive To The Shops Makes Life Pretty Noisy For Whales

What you do in your day to day life has more of an effect than you might realise!


Is It Too Cheap To Visit The ‘Priceless’ Great Barrier Reef?

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s finest natural wonders. It’s also extraordinarily cheap to visit – perhaps too cheap.


Is There A Way To Truly Eradicate Plastic From The Oceans?

Many scientists and entrepreneurs have taken on the challenge to devise a plan in cleaning up the oceans; one of note has been the young Dutch inventor, Boyan Slat.


A Guide For Sustainable Fish Eating

Navigating the fish markets can be a real scaley event when looking for sustainable fish, so we've lent a hand.


Balloons: Why They Blow

Balloons pose huge threats to sea turtles and other marine life.


The Three Biggest Threats The Ocean Faces (And How You Can Help!)

Starting the positive choices you make with what's on your plate.