Say 'No' to Egg-cessive packaging this Easter!

The packaging crisis is out of control...

Easter eggs not only come in an aluminium foil covering, it is a lot more extravagant. They have plastic holding them in place, more plastic over that, a cardboard box covering with a bright logo on it, and some more plastic just for the hell of it!

This is just an example of what easter eggs in the supermarket look like,

And then how many of these there are...

Remember, less is more!

When you're buying easter eggs this year, think about how much you're buying and how packaged each individual item is. Easter should not be about the amount of chocolate received anyway, it is about spending time with family and friends and a holiday! These things don't need to be monopolised by mountains of packaging!

Here's some ways to avoid this:

1. Make your own!

Instead of buying easter eggs, why not make your own hot cross buns! This is a great Easter treat and 1 Million Women have a planet-strong hot cross bun recipe! Check it out!

2. Don't buy anything at all!

Educate your family about the danger of over-consumption and over-packaging and how detrimental these practices can be to our world by deciding to not buy any chocolates at easter at all! This is the approach my parents took, and it definitely worked!

3. Pick the one with the least packaging!

If you have to buy easter eggs or you're children will pull all their hair out and scream at the top of their lungs at a pitch only dogs can hear, then do you're best to search for recyclable packaging and the least packaging!

Have a happy and waste-free Easter!

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