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Here's How Understanding Animal Communication Can Help Us Save Them

An idea, so outside-of-the-box, they've basically recycled the box and repurposed it into something else altogether.


Plain Singlets, T-shirts And Socks: How We Shop Ethically For Basics

There's no quick answer to that question so we got together and shared how we are figuring it out.


NFTs: why digital art has such a massive carbon footprint

How much would you be willing to pay for a one-of-a-kind work of art?


Covid-19 and Travel: What the Pandemic Can Teach Us About Sustainable Travel

We've all had to alter our ideas of the perfect holiday. Covid-19 has forced many of us to take a look at what we have closer to home, and doing so benefits both us and the environment.


What Is ‘Ecofeminism’ And Why Is It More Relevant Now Than Ever?

Women want change. Women want an alternative; a new vision; a new paradigm. So, is there an alternative? Well, the ecofeminists of this world certainly think so.


4 assumptions about gender that distort how we think about climate change (and 3 ways to do better)

Gender influences how people experience and respond to climate change. This is particularly evident in developing nations where women and men adapt to climatic shocks differently.


‘Biodegradable’ Plastic Will Soon Be Banned In Australia. That’s A Big Win For The Environment

Biodegradable plastic promises a plastic that breaks down into natural components when it's no longer wanted for its original purpose.


Empowering Women and Girls Through Education Can Truly Change The World

​When asked about 'climate crisis solutions' your first thought might be energy efficiency and renewable energy, right? Yet there is one solution that is often overlooked - empowering women and girls through education.


Marion Mahony Griffin: The Life Shaping Forces Of Nature, Community And Architecture

2021 marks 150 years since Marion Mahony Griffin was born and 100 years since the inception of the garden suburb of Castlecrag.