Would you wear your carbon footprint on your sleeve?

Imagine if from the minute you woke up, all of your daily activities could be tracked via a wristband and app to help lessen your environmental impact. This could soon become a reality thanks to Worldbeing, a new development within the wearable tech sphere that allows you to track your everyday carbon footprint.

Why is our carbon footprint something we should all be conscious of? Believe it or not, climate change is something we are all contributing to in one way or another. The everyday activities we do - the transport we use, products we purchase and the energy we consume to power our homes, all drive up the total carbon emissions released. But collectively, the choices we make to lessen our individual carbon footprints, make a huge difference to the wellbeing of the planet and future generations.

Considering you can get an app for just about everything these days, it's no surprise that this app that empowers people to reduce their carbon footprint has burst onto the scene. By combining an app with a wearable wristband, this particular innovation looks as practical in design as it is sleek. The wristband itself is made from recycled electronics, a source that amasses a whopping 20-50 million tonnes of waste each year.

Conceptualised by London-based design group, Layer, the wristband used in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet app is envisioned to sync information about the user's purchases, transport distances and energy consumption and create a visual representation of their daily performance. The app developers also have future goals for the device to be able to automatically connect with services that track real-time purchases, current apps like My Fitness Pal to utilise its comprehensive food database and Google Maps to track travel data.

“There has never been a better time to use design as a tool to create meaningful conversation around our personal responsibility in making changes to our lifestyle to stop global warming.”
- Benjamin Hubert, Founder of Layer

With the festive season fast approaching, this will definitely be on my wish list. Technically, it is still in the development process but with success so far in it's crowdsourcing campaign, this is definitely an innovation to keep track of.

Watch the concept video here:

All Images sourced from Layer

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